After showing the result of her 6 years’ hard work, this woman is called a ‘legend’

Others aspire to live in a peaceful off-grid home, while some people prefer to live close to their friends or family.

Western Wyoming’s breathtaking mountains are home to Ariel McGlothin. She appreciates her ability to support herself, her financial independence, and the beauty of her surroundings.

She has been satisfied and joyful in her tiny trailer, which she calls ‘Fy Nyth.’

Her house is 24 feet long and 7.5 feet wide, and it is beautiful and practical. Ariel claims that she spent a total of $99,702 on Fy Nyth, which was a significant sum of money for a single undertaking eight years ago.

Ariel previously shared her home with a friend before deciding to move into a tiny house, however the owner later sold the property. So she chose to buy a mobile home rather than hunt for a rental house.

Before making a purchase and relocating, she gave things some attention.
Ariel moved in last year once everything was completed.

How is life off the grid, a common question? It was the wisest choice Ariel had ever made.
She works hard for herself every day and carries her puppy with her. She isn’t complaining, though. She enjoys the physical activity and the independence it gives her.

Even while she still visits the food store, she only does so when her supplies run low. She would forage, cultivate her own vegetables, cut firewood, carry her own water, cook with propane, and even perform tasks for the landowner in order to meet her daily necessities.

In addition to having nearly everything she requires where she lives, all of these things help her maintain her strength and fitness.

Ariel takes a variety of freelance projects to supplement her income, but she claims that despite having expenses to pay and a home, she does not have to get up early or go to work every day. She may enjoy her time and work whenever she wants because she has financial freedom.

Fy Nyth has a sizable kitchen where she could prepare meals and a sizable pantry where she could keep her food supplies. She also keeps a very tidy living room space. If necessary, her couch can be converted into a guest bed.

Her wood stove, which heats her house, is the centerpiece of her residence. She has a sizable garden and a lot of firewood available.

She is self-reliant and capable of handling everything. She also has a tiny shower space, a composting toilet, and extra storage under the stairs.

She has a full-size bed with three windows in her loft. Ariel is grateful that she can live the life she desires and that having her dog makes her happy. Let’s not overlook the fact that she is no longer responsible for paying her bills or mortgage.

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