‘I don’t have to be the industry standard.’ This girl (48 million views on TikTok) amazes everyone! Video of the incredible performance below

On TikTok, Kriten Cruz has somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 million fans.

She sings while mixing cocktails, which is cool enough in and of itself, but her shakes are spiced up by that incredible voice. The Texas native who is a 19-year-old phenomenon is from Crowley, and all she wants to do is sing.

Cruz prefers to perform than working a job constantly.

She was headed to Home Depot in search of employment when she made the choice to follow her love instead. Cruz declared, ‘I want to sing.’ ‘I don’t want to try and not believe in myself.

I want to inspire people and convey the idea that being your true self is all that is required. I’m not required to meet the industry norm.

She chose the appropriate song for her style, ‘I See Red’ by Everybody Loves an Outlaw. None of the four judges predicted the teenager’s tone and level of strength.

On Instagram, Kristen has about 250K followers under the handle @kristenncruz. She has famous fans including David Arquette, Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy, and Arian DeBose from West Side Story. Cruz is a celebrity online, but she wants more!

Cruz’s tikTok videos have had 47.5 million views, so you know she’s good. She performs popular songs like Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy,’ which has had over 23 million views.

Cruz has also amassed over 18 million views for his cover of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper.’
Cruz silences and astonishes the AGT audience this time, and when she begins to sing, they finally yell in approval. She has a great voice!

She has performed previously, as well, you can tell. Cruz holds herself quite erect when performing, exhibiting her range and power while expressing her emotions for each line of the song. Cruz will undoubtedly cause you to watch this video again!

Cruz impressed Cowell so much that he said, ‘Was that really you singing? The fact that so many overconfident vocalists that perform here are terrible astonished me as well.

I would describe your voice as ‘seasoned.’ You’re not a beginner like that. Your vocal range and tone. By the way, you have excellent taste because that music was a fantastic choice.

Heidi Klum responded, ‘I love everything about you,’ after Howie Mandel said, ‘You open your mouth and you’re on fire. You already have the makings of a star.

You simply possess ‘it,’ a genuine gift. Cruz was dear to Sofia Vergara. ‘The instant you began singing, you exuded such strength and assurance. It was exciting and surprising.’

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