A woman who hadn’t been taking care of herself for a very long time was completely transformed by a make-up specialist. See the incredible result!

Every woman wants to look good and receive good care. Ayan Shafag, an Azerbaijani makeup artist, made the decision to dedicate this emotion to people who are seeking it.

She has been doing her job professionally because of her lifelong passion for making others more attractive.

Ayan had an excellent thought recently. She approaches unusual females and inquires as to whether they require cosmetic operations.

If they respond favorably, she extends an invitation to her home because it is here that all the miracles take place.

She once brought a woman who had long since stopped applying cosmetics. Ayan made the decision to take before and after makeup photos.

Even with skin imperfections, it was still possible to apply makeup and produce something lovely.

Because the skin of the woman was dry, the Aya had to apply particular cosmetics to cover up the flaw.

But it was clear that the skin hadn’t been cared for for a while, thus daily maintenance was required. She started by carving, then added some colors in the style that is popular now.

Following skin care, the makeup appeared flawless. It drew attention to a woman’s lovely facial features, particularly her eyes. Shafag finally considered a hairdo that had to be a component of an appearance.

Due to damaged hair, she utilized a variety of various balsams and shampoos here as well. She eventually perished alongside them.

When the customer looked in the mirror, she didn’t recognize herself. She broke down in tears as she thought about different ways to express her gratitude.

We hope that after seeing how stunning this can be, the woman will feel responsible for taking care of herself and her skin.

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