The world’s strongest boy has grown up. How he looks like now and what he says about his cruel childhood lifestyle

The strongest child in the world is Richard Sandrak, who arrived in the United States from Ukraine 15 years ago.

When Richard was a young child, he started engaging in vigorous exercise. At the age of eight, he could bench press more than 30 pounds! At the age of 11, he could lift 53 pounds!

He is now 24 years old.
The boy’s father, a former martial arts world champion, watched over his routine, diet, and exercise. The man received repeated reprimands for forcing his son and placing him in a tense situation.

Richard declares at the time, ‘I am pretty proud of my accomplishments as a child, I am not ashamed by them, and I do not strive to hide this chapter of my life from anyone.’ I truly don’t want to continue living that way, he declares. They tried to portray me as a kind of animal monster.

Richard keeps working out, but not with the same level of intensity. He enjoys skating and runs every morning. He performs stunts for the Los Angeles production of ‘Waterworld,’ where he must jump into the water from a great height after being put on fire at least five times per day.

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