A woman who was looking for the foster family who took care of her when she was a child received an unexpected response.

A woman made a ‘long shot’ request on a Facebook group because she wanted to thank a foster family who had cared for her 30 years before. Instead, she was showered with love and quickly located the family.

Home a mountainous Canadian hamlet called Revelstoke Community, Jessica Cressey made a post stating that she was looking for the ‘beautiful couple’ who took her in at a trying period for her as a child.

Some of her greatest childhood memories—memories she still treasures today—were made possible by their love and generosity. Jessica used these memories as a starting point for her search. She claimed that after her biological mother ignored her, she was sent into the foster care system.

‘I was taken from a hotel in Revelstoke where my biological mother had left me in the hotel room for days,’ she claimed in her story. She started switching back and forth between two foster families, spending the weekdays in one and the weekends in the other.

Jessica said, ‘I’m praying and hoping I’ll be able to find them because I’d like to give them my thanks and admiration.’ ‘This charming pair demonstrated a kind of love to me that I had never experienced. Abe and Mrs. ‘B’ are the only names I know. We kept hens and turkeys, lived in a wooded location, Jessica said.

She claims she recalls the birds because she once unintentionally opened the entrance to the coop while collecting eggs and accidently let all the chickens out.

Her other memories included: ‘My foster dad Abe used to carry me on his shoulders when it rained because the slugs would emerge from the ground and I was horrified because I had never seen anything like it before.

I used to have steamed broccoli with cheese sauce from Mrs. ‘B,’ and I can still taste it today. She would also let me dress up, play wedding, and give me a kitten, which I would wrap up like a baby.

She claims she doesn’t remember how long she lived with them since ‘a lot of my memories are fogged due to childhood trauma,’ but she believes her time there was magical.

She claims, however, that she has ‘many more wonderful memories, too many to type, but I would love to find them as they were an important part of my life.’

She continues by describing their long-lasting impact. When the sun goes down in certain ways in the evening, I experience an incredible sensation of joy and calm that I can only associate with the time I spent living with them.

If anyone knows the pair, Jessica kindly requested that they inform them of her search for them. To aid in their memory of her, she also provided a picture of herself as a little child.

People in the neighborhood quickly identified the couple as the Bergmanns, prompting a flood of reactions (including their grandchild). One more previous foster child instantly recognized the person to whom Jessica was referring.

‘I think the Bergmanns were involved. What I called her was Aunt B. She and her husband served as my odd, sporadic weekend residence, which I had always dreamed would become my permanent residence. exemplary foster parents Without a doubt,’ Sarah Bear Loo penned.

The chicken coop was a very significant indication, according to the couple’s neighbor Royce Sihlis, who stated, ‘The moment I read Abe and B I knew who it was! I’m positive I let them out at least once, hehe. the best neighbors I could have had while growing up.

Mrs. B then gave her own response. Yes, it was us, Bjorg Buhler said in response. We remember you being here with us in a lot of ways. Yes, Abe did die approximately 21 years ago. Despite being remarried, I still want to speak with you. Have you ever visited Revelstoke?

The response has been too much for Jessica. ‘I just want to express my deep gratitude and thanks to everyone who shared and commented on the post.

I am utterly in wonder and still a little in disbelief. I’m still in disbelief and just trying to digest it all because I’m going through so many different feelings right now,’ she said.

She expressed her gratitude to the community for ‘helping me heal one more chapter in my life’ and let everyone know that she is in contact with Mrs. B.

You don’t all realize how much this means to me. People are pleased that Jessica may finally contact with the foster family after being greatly moved by the narrative.

‘Aw, so glad you found her,’ Allie Heppner wrote. Many years ago, I had a great foster mother. A wonderful foster mother is a treasure to cherish always. ‘I am very delighted that you located your family from years ago,’ said Nancy Williamson.

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