A woman gives a worn-out couch an amazing, fashionable new look just using this one material. See the result below

The majority of furniture and fixtures may startle you with their prices if you’ve done any internet ‘window browsing.’

It makes remodeling your property expensive. Nobody wants to spend that much money on just furnishings; you might as well use it or save it for necessary maintenance.

Thrift stores or garage sales are the next two options.

Nearly everything you require is available for a small fraction of the cost. However, you cannot be certain of the quality of the goods you’ll receive. Some of them are still in usable shape, while others aren’t.

But, surely, beggars cannot be choosers?

We still purchase them. It only requires little tender loving care, a few supplies here and there, and some imagination. You’re in for a DIY upcycling that would be worthwhile if you add the muscle.

Simonette, a TikTok content creator, did exactly that.

She was drawn to the lovely couches she discovered online, but they were expensive ($5,000). She didn’t have enough money to spend lavishly on a couch, for example.

She then looked for comparable couches online. It was about the same size and form as the one she was seeking for when she saw it on Facebook’s Marketplace. She bartered and paid $250 instead of the original $300 price. Wow, what a deal!

She then realized how the couch actually stood. Most of it was damaged and shredded, particularly the leather portion. The move also caused harm since the leather, which was already quite thin, began to pull off.

However, nothing can’t be accomplished with a little upcycling. She only required the three throw pillows and five blankets she had purchased online for $100. She began giving that couch a makeover since she already had a staple gun and staples.

She started by removing the couch’s previous cover material. She had to take them off because they were in poor condition. It’s a good thing the upholstery still looks fine. She began the makeover by removing the couch’s legs as well.

At the base of the couch, she began to staple the blanket’s edges.

The blanket was composed of flexible material, according to Simonette. To maximize the material and cover more of the couch’s surface, it was simple to pull further. The blanket needs to be shortened and folded quite a bit in order to fit through the sides.

She made some patches out of fabric to fix any gaps left by the blanket’s initial shape.

She joined the fabric’s ends, which, fortunately, appears to be ‘invisible’ due to how fluffy the blankets were.

She completed the transformation of the couch by stapling once more inside and underneath it. She covered the couch in two blankets, one for each section.

Because they wouldn’t fit in her space, she didn’t use the inner, smaller pieces of the full set. She merely recycled the two larger ends as a result. Look how lovely that couch is now that she given it a chance!

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