Despite the disabilities this man builds his home with his own hands. See the result he got

Belarus Vyacheslav Minchanin is a person who can become an example for anyone who has not lost faith in his abilities.

Despite the fact that he moves only with a wheelchair or with the help of prostheses, the man was able to get and fit well in his own accommodation.

Vyacheslav has been living in Minsk since birth, but he always wanted to move to the countryside, if, of course, he had his own apartment there.

In 2011, success finally smiled at the man. he found out that a building that used to be a shop was for sale in the village of Kotyagi, Minsk region.

At first, the man wanted to organize a small production in that area. Vyacheslav engaged in an unusual business, aromatizing buildings.

He produced special equipment that helped make offices smell like flowers or trees, and shops smell like freshly baked bread.

When the business did not take off, the man decided that the room was perfect for a residential house. The idea immediately came to Vyacheslav’s mind, because he did not have his own apartment at that time.

Acquaintances thought that nothing would work, but our hero was patient and ready to go to the end. It took about two years just to draft the documents, but over time everything worked out.

Vyacheslav did most of the work himself. It is surprising, because he had no construction experience. He learned to do all the chores by watching YouTube videos.

He invited the builders only to do the most difficult jobs, although he said that everything could be done by himself, but it is difficult to solve some problems with a wheelchair. Besides, our hero was in a hurry.

Vyacheslav wanted to make his son live at home until he was seven years old, so that the boy could go to a local school. When the house had heating and a place to sleep, his family moved to a new house.

The costs of repairing the building have exceeded its value many times. Vyacheslav says that perhaps he would not have acquired it if he had known how much effort and resources he had to spend.

On the other hand, the man claims that the important thing in such cases is to make a decision and start, and then something will happen.

Today, the renovation of Vyacheslav’s house continues. But the man is already sure that nothing will stop him. The family is planning to build a terrace and raise the living space. In turn, the man is happy that he has something to do and will not have to sit idle.

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