Children reintroduce themselves to the elder man every day ! See the sweetest reason behind it. Video below

Some of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to a loved one are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

But while their minds might not retain much information, their hearts frequently have some memories of their own. Dementia sufferer Gene McGehee of Louisiana receives daily visits from daycare children.

Since his memory refreshes practically every 15 minutes, the 91-year-old has a fairly severe case of it. Even the image of Gene’s own face escapes him. He often takes a white chair on the lawn of his calm suburban home.

The NIH estimates that roughly one-third of persons over the age of 85 may develop dementia. But that doesn’t imply that it comes with becoming older. Living with dementia is difficult for both the patient and those providing care for them.

That Gene having so many friends to support him is a blessing. A few children from the local daycare facility have been paying Gene visits for the past three years.

The children at the daycare facility directly across from his home adore him. For a very long period, Gene struggled with loneliness as well, according to his daughter Cathy.

Therefore, Gene and his daughter consider the regular visits from smiling, joyful kids to be nothing short of a blessing.

Even though he can’t recall their last visit, Gene values their companionship greatly. The kids arrive each day, either on bicycles or with instruments in hand. They always manage to make him beam and smile.

He might not recall their last visit or even their names. He does, however, recall how joyful they make him feel. Megan Nunez, the childcare instructor, has been there almost every day. While the kids play with Gene, she always has a little conversation with him.

She captured some of her interactions with Gene on camera to share on Instagram and TikTok. The following day, Gene won’t remember anything, but many viewers of Megan’s recordings will witness what a kind elderly man he is.

As far as Gene is aware, every visit the kids make is a first. He will have forgotten by evening and the following morning. They’ll then visit once more during the day, and he’ll smile as usual. For the past three years, this has been the scenario.

Gene’s heart, though, appears to recall. Every time he goes outside, he always has this innate, inexplicable feeling of joy.

Like he is aware that there is a cause for why being outside makes him joyful, but he is unable to recall it.The reason, according to Cathy, is love. Though his memory escapes him, his love serves as his memory.

He may have a diseased brain, but his heart will always remember us, we always tell the youngsters. Megan Nunez remarked May his heart continue to beat.

Gene finds the kids to be a blessing, and hearing about his life experience is also a blessing. Everything only goes to demonstrate how far love can carry you.

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