The nurse had spent many sleepless nights caring for this child. What happened after 28 years will surprise you!

Wilma Wong has been a nurse at Children’s Hospital for over 30 years. At the age of 16, the girl moved from Nicaragua to the United States.She always wanted to be a pediatric nurse.

Soon he studied and for the first time crossed the threshold of a medical institution. Throughout her career, she took care of many children, some of whom she remembered throughout her life.

One day a young doctor came to work in their hospital. Showing what was what word by word, Vilma started talking to the man. But when he said his name and surname, the woman fell into thought, because it seemed very familiar to her.

She remembered that this was the name of a premature baby she was nursing when she first started working at the hospital. Vilma looked at the young man and asked if his father had served in the police.

The doctor was silent for a moment, then said. ‘So you’re Wilma?’

It turned out that his family remembered that young and dedicated nurse who did not leave him at night. They always kept an old picture of Wilma with the baby in her arms.

The young doctor was moved. Later, he told that during these years he wanted to find that nurse with a photo.

And having already worked with Vilma, he fully realized what true love and dedication to his work means.

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