This man doing plastic surgeries (15) almost every year. He has a one big reason to do it! Click below and learn more about this interesting story!

Croatian Neven Sinagovic is already 47 years old. The man has been doing plastic surgery and visiting a cosmetologist since he was 22 years old.

The reason is the fear of getting old. At the age of 22, he noticed that the skin was no longer very elastic and decided to do the first operation.

The man was obsessed with plastic surgery, it seems like a disease now. He has had three rhinoplasty, changed the shape of his chin, had surgery to correct the shape of his lips and even his abdomen.

Neven has implants placed on his cheeks. He also constantly improves the appearance of the skin by giving regular injections. He had only 15 surgeries.

He was fat as a child and he is afraid of getting fat again. The man regularly goes to the gym and he is always on diet.

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