Everyone is in wonder as the talented pianist performs ‘Sound of Silence’ including Grammy winner artists!

With her imaginative and lovely playing, this very attractive piano rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’ will win your heart.

She goes by the moniker Gamazda and is quite well known. She is a phenomenal pianist who creates carefully considered videos that cover many genres.

Russian pianist Gamazda plays piano.
She was born in Moscow to a musical family and goes by the name Alexandra Kuznetsova in real life.

When she first sat down in front of a piano, she was just three years old. Gamazda’s musical journey started, and she developed her abilities.

She has developed a sizable fan base and is known for her expertise in performing popular rock and roll songs.

Gamazda’s cover of Linkin Park’s ‘In the End” has garnered the most views on YouTube thus far. In a conversation with Fem Metal, Gamazda describes her early years as,

‘When I first launched my YouTube channel, I never even dreamed that I’d achieve this outcome. It will be a modest gathering place for folks who share my interests, I reasoned, and I’ll play tunes I enjoy.

And it came as a huge surprise to me when a lot of people began to support me and well-known bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and Papa Roach provided positive feedback on my covers. I still find it all unbelievable.

2014 saw Gamazda receive an honorary degree from the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. Moscow is home to this higher musical education facility with distinction from a prestigious university. In this performance, her talents—honed and polished by the school—clearly shine.

Gamazda also has a xylophone, which makes her performance very special. She performs the well-known, melancholy melody. When she plays the instrument, it just adds another cool layer.

What a magical touch!
Gamazda plays for more than simply fame, views, and likes. As she tickles those keys, just take a look at the smile on her face. She excels at what she does because she enjoys it.

Close your eyes for yourself’s sake. Turn off the lights, close the door, and just listen to Gamazda’s rendition. After a long, arduous day, it’s the ideal way to promote relaxation and rest. Below, you can listen to this lovely rendition of a classic.

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