A sweet, selfless elementary school 77-years janitor who spent decades without celebrating her birthday heard her name over the loudspeaker. What happened next will amaze you

Frances Buzzard worked at Belle Elementary in West Virginia and kept the school clean for the teachers and students. The 77-year-old was always cheerful and never expected to be treated differently.

Except for the school’s cook, no one at the school knew she had never had a birthday celebration thrown in her honor. When the cook told his coworkers about Buzzard, they decided to go all out.

Buzzard had no concerns and thought she had been asked to clean up the place. She was, however, taken aback when she walked through the doors. ‘Surprise!’ said everyone.

When Buzzard saw balloons and birthday signs created by the pupils, her face brightened up. She was also given her own robe and crown, as if she were a queen.

Buzzard sat on a special chair among the pupils, watching a video that had been made just for her. The entire group sung her a happy birthday song, which she will remember for the rest of her life.

Buzzard then put out her candles and ate the wonderful cupcakes with glee. She said she couldn’t recall anyone doing anything like this for her before.

The janitor explained that she came from a poor family. Because her family couldn’t afford birthday parties or even Christmas celebrations, they were only given ‘fruits and nuts when they could buy it.’

Buzzard’s first official birthday party was unquestionably memorable, she said: ‘Oh, it’s a big celebration; I adore it; I’ve never had anyone do anything like this for me before.’

Cleaning staff, instructors, and other members of the educational staff ought to be pampered for their efforts to keep schools clean and enhance the minds of students. Buzzard’s story is wonderful, and another employee in Florida received a nice gift.

Parker Williams, nine, surprised Mrs. Chambers, his teacher, with an unexpected gift in 2019. Because he thought his instructor deserved a ‘pay rise,’ the kid donated her $15 of his own money. To her, the thoughtful gesture meant the world.

Mrs. Chambers was touched, and while she returned the money to the student, she urged him to continue to help others.

Students like Williams motivate school employees to accomplish their jobs with zest and joy, much like the school kids who made Buzzard’s day.

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