Sometimes, the smallest actions can have the greatest impact on the people. This 2-years-old boy’s actions will prove it

This baby’s mother described her son’s hug as a ‘gift from God.’ Sometimes, the smallest actions can have the greatest impact on someone, especially if they are unhappy.

And it will be even more wonderful if it comes from a young child. The man called Ryan Catterson went about his day delivering pizzas without realizing a two-year-old was about to touch his heart.

To deliver the pizza Lindsey Sheely had ordered, he stopped by her Rhode Island residence. The doorbell camera then captured a tender exchange between the two.

Cohen, Sheely’s small son, raced after him as he was about to leave after making the gift and gave him a hug.

Catterson knelt down and gave Cohen a hug in return for his affection. Following the heartwarming moment, Cohen’s mother entered to escort her son back inside.

As Catterson walked back to his car, the 2-year-old baby began blowing kisses at him because he was so full of love. Enjoy your pizza, please! In the video, Catterson is heard saying.

Lindsey made the decision to post the cute exchange on social media in order to make people smile and ‘warm your hearts.’ But the interaction was more than that.

Sheely discovered that Catterson’s daughter, who was 16 years old, had passed very unexpectedly the week before. Catterson expressed how much the hug meant to him.

It impacted him because it felt like his daughter was there, he added, ‘After losing my daughter this past week.’ It was genuinely quite meaningful to me.

The young child’s kind act warmed people’s hearts. Following that, the post gained a lot of attention and comments from online users.

‘I love this video because kids notice things that adults don’t.’
‘Took me…
In our world, there are still kind and loving people. God’s blessings be with you and your family always.

‘This deeply impacted my heart. In 1993, I lost a baby boy. I lost a stepson in December 2015 after losing my daughter in March 2015. Ryan and his ex-wife are on my mind.’

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