This man’s tombstone had a code written on it. Many people decided to solve the puzzle. What was hidden would surprise you

When a family member passes away, the relatives take care of all the details that must be thought about and handled for the funeral.

These particulars, from the coffin to the grave, are believed to make the final farewell memorable out of affection for the deceased.

In other cases, families make it a point to write loving notes on the tombstones of their loved ones to serve as a constant reminder to anybody who can read them that they are loved and have been cherished.

Dad died in one Iowan family. At the Warren-Powers Cemetery, he were laid to rest for all time.

Some folks considered it unpleasant and offensive when they read what the family had written on Steven Paul Owen’s headstone.

The tombstone contained multiple lines of sincere tributes to the departed, but once you recognize the stone’s secret message, it is impossible to ignore.

According to Steven’s family, he frequently uttered the words ‘F— off,’ which was the initial letter of each line on the tombstone.

‘There’s no doubt that was his term of endearment. He didn’t speak to you if he didn’t like you.

It’s simply who he was,’ said Lindsay Owens, Steven’s daughter, in an interview with KCCI. This phrase was placed on Steven’s gravestone as a carefree way for his family to honor their father.

The cemetery phoned and questioned the Owens family, though, because to the obscenity in the message.

The graveyard staff has always opposed the gravestone because of the offensive statement it contains, even from the start.

Steven’s son Zachary made the observation that it was a decision they made. ‘Nobody is being compelled to go outside and look at it.

You get to decide whether to do it. We didn’t do it intentionally to upset, irritate, or hurt people’s feelings.

Because it was our father, and we loved him, we did it because that’s how we remember him, he said.

Even while the family is adamant that this is a touching tribute to their late father, not everyone understood the message’s motivation.

The family was in the news because of the conflicting reactions from the public, and more and more individuals demanded that the gravestone be taken out of the cemetery.

The family’s choice to inscribe such a statement on their late father’s gravestone, nevertheless, stands firm. These expressions fully respected his legacy and were an integral part of who he was.

The gravestone is still there as of the time of writing. The family still stands by the decision they made at the end of the day.

The Owens are steadfast in their choice to inscribe the hidden message on their father’s grace, despite the cemetery’s and other people’s opinions. When Steven was alive, these words were synonymous with him because of the way he spoke.

They hope that by writing these tributes on his gravestone, more people would learn about him. See the video below for further details on this tale.

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