When this girl suggested a date with Robert, he replied just like his father Steve would do!

Robert Irwin is still a young man at the end of the day, despite his fame for touching crocodiles, cuddling rhinos, and taking pictures of rare birds. To imagine that some girls haven’t taken notice would be naive.

Robert Irwin was recently asked for his phone number, and he politely declined.

It happened in the zoo that their mother, Terri, owns in Australia. Robert is a natural with all animals, just like his father. particularly reptiles.

Robert resembles his father greatly in that he appreciates the delicate beauty of crocodiles. Additionally, he works with a variety of mammals, something the Australia Zoo has no shortage of.

He spends the majority of his days interacting with the zoo’s many exotic animals and amusing the visitors. And it so occurred that several visitors thought he was a little cute.

Unable to resist, a visitor from Utah shot at the 18-year-old.

On the benches above where Robert was working, Megan Grass was seated. Robert is seen strolling near what appears to be a tiny lagoon or pool. This must be for the crocodiles, as we may infer.

Megan pulled out her phone and called out her interest to the young Australian as he got closer to the gathering.

‘I think you’re so adorable; might I have your phone number?’ — She addressed Robert.

Naturally, Robert could not help but smile. However, he had no interest. He treated it with seeming courtesy.

I must admit that I’m honored. He struggled to find the right words and said, ‘Um. Robert continued by instructing her to DM him on Instagram if she wanted his phone number.

‘I’ll tell you what, Instagram is typically the simplest method. Since then, my people can watch the monitor and see when it comes.’ — He went on.

Megan interrupted Robert while he was speaking and said something that caused him to chuckle a little.

This is unexpected, however I did DM you last night to let you know I was coming here today.

He didn’t check his DMs, Megan is aware of it. Robert understands his courteous justification isn’t as compelling as he anticipated.

Megan, the man does really have 3.4 million Instagram followers. He likely has a large number of unread message requests.

Robert, however, being the modest and considerate young man that he is, informs her that he simply forgot to check.

And when Megan informed him that she had DM’d him the previous night, he was still really polite and asked for her name so he could ‘check it up.’

Of course, he won’t do that in reality. His account’s size should make that quite clear. But isn’t it the whole point of modesty?

The nice way Robert rejected Megan was quickly pointed out in the comments on her TikTok video. He is described by many as having his father’s tenderness about him.

One person said, ‘He took the scenic path to ‘No’. He’s just like his dad, very adorable and precious, another person commented.’

And there were more. You lost him when you stated you were from the US, and he answered no in the kindest way.

Robert «rejecting» Megan in the video received over 2.5 million views.

You don’t often witness men being this cool and gracious when they decline an offer. even if it’s the son of Steve Irwin.

Even so, it wasn’t over after that. Later, Robert would appear as a guest on a talk show and be questioned about it.

Robert tells the host that Megan was wonderful and that meeting her really brightened his day. Like everyone else, the host was compelled to remark on how kind the 18-year-old was about it.

‘I would know that I had done my job as a mother well if I saw one of my sons acting the way you did.’ the host informed him.

Robert is simply pleased that his writing is getting to folks like Megan at the end of the day.

You know, it was really flattering. very gracious And congratulations for having the courage to do so.

It was wonderful to have that brief conversation and see people who were clearly interested in the message I was spreading and paying attention to what I was doing. Everything was at stake. And I was incredibly grateful. stated Robert

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