Family bond! The amazing lifesaving by 9-years-old gained more then 11 million views and words of admiration! Watch what he did!!

Fast reactions from a 9-year-old kid prevented his newborn brother from suffering a catastrophic tumble off a changing table.

His proud mother posted the amazing moment’s surveillance video for everybody to see after it was caught on video.

Baby Eitan can be seen rolling over and then off the changing table in the baby monitor footage his mother Tila Levi posted.

Joseph then steps in to grab him. Tila pulls Joseph in for a strong hug after seeing that Joseph saved his younger sibling.

She is obviously overjoyed and proud of what he accomplished. Tila, a mother of five, was at home by herself at the time of the disaster.

While changing his diaper, she glanced briefly away from her 11-month-old baby to care to one of her other kids. The infant, though, wriggled in that brief period and began to fall off the small table.

Just as he was about to touch the ground, Joseph reacted immediately, dashing over to the changing table to grab his baby brother.

Joseph afterwards said he had no idea how he had accomplished it. I would never be able to do that again since I can’t carry my brother, he told ABC News, puzzled as to how he had managed to catch the baby. I can’t even run that quickly, yet I still managed to reach my brother in time, he continued.

Despite the fact that Joseph may not understand how he managed it, the more than 11 million viewers of the video laud the youngster as a hero.

When they go out, people now inquire, ‘Where’s the superhero?’ according to his mother. Joseph admitted that he is a little embarrassed by all the attention, but his mother is incredibly proud of him.

The Miami Police Department later presented Joseph with the ‘Do The Right Thing’ award.

Regarding what occurred, Tila acknowledged that she erred when she turned her back, but she nevertheless chose to make the footage public in order to caution other parents to be watchful. She is undoubtedly also very appreciative of her son.

I initially said, ‘I messed up. She told ABC News, ‘I done something wrong, but then I understood that, truly, it was a miracle. I must have done something right because I ran in just in time to catch this little fella, so I must have earned him.

My advice to parents is to enjoy your children, Levi said in conclusion. ‘Shield them as best you can. At the end of the day, anything can happen in a split second.

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