This dog did not let anybody to come close, but this woman appearance completely changed his life! This story will melt your heart

A large white dog that was abandoned on the streets of a small town for more than four months was doomed to live alone.

Thankfully, Great Pyrenees was discovered by Los Angeles animal rescuer Megan Allen when he started loitering outside a woman’s house. To save ‘Miles,’ she traveled the two hours to Buttonwillow, California.

She offered Miles some treats, but he refused to be leashed. The neighborhood fire station offered assistance, but Miles didn’t want to be caught.

Megan tried to save Miles on the first day, but was unable, so she sought assistance from Danny Spanks of A Safefuur Place Animal Rescue, Mad Love Dog Rescue, and the Kris Kelly Foundation.

Rescuers quickly got to work to try to save Miles!

When Miles strayed into a fence area and spent time hanging out with a fugitive Husky, Danny was able to capture him with the aid of new hire Courtney (the husky, named Luna, was returned home to her owner).

After spending so much time alone, Miles might have been wary, but once Courtney put a leash around his neck, Miles appeared to be rather eager to leave the streets. When Megan came to pick Miles up to take him back to Los Angeles, Miles was actually smiling.

The days of pacing the streets for miles have come to an end. Miles was placed in a foster home by Mad Love Dog Rescue after receiving medical attention from a veterinarian.

According to the rescue, ‘we were informed he was found after traveling for what we’ve been told a year as a stray.’ ‘Way too long. That’s a long time. We gave him the name Miles, which is appropriate given the distance he has traveled.

Miles is a puppy, only about 1.5 years old. Although he is a ‘goofball’ and ‘funny and playful,’ he ‘hates to be trapped indoors without his humans’ in line with his breed and early life.

Miles requires a home with ‘a very large yard with secure high fence or wall’ where he can spend his days and come inside with his family at night, according to Mad Love Dog Rescue.

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