The parents left the child with the grandfather. After some time they received disturbing and strange pictures. See what happened next!

He agreed to take care of their baby while their daughter and her husband went on a vacation with their friends. They weren’t expecting his texts because he isn’t very tech savvy.

For the sake of his daughter and her husband’s vacation, he agreed to look after the baby while they were away together. Because he isn’t very tech savvy, they weren’t expecting his texts.

They knew their son, Ty, was in good hands with his ‘PawPaw’ when Stephane Waterhouse and her husband left town.

When they were away from home on vacation, they began receiving hilarious photos via text message from their loved ones back home.

Stephane decided to share them with the world, and now the Internet is in a frenzy because of it!

There is no doubt that the Waterhouses are a well-known family. Definite disscpline can be found in the blood.

However, they are not the stifling and oppressive types of individuals. As you’ll see, not by a long shot.

Stéphane asked her father, Davd, to stay with their eight-month old baby so that they could go on a vacation.

While they were away, little did the couple know that he had prepared a funny surprise for them.

Stephane claims that her father isn’t a particularly tech-savvy individual.

It was revealed to GMA by her that he is still using an old flip phone that does not have internet access.

It was only a matter of time before Davd had to think outside the box when it came to sending his daughter Ty’s pictures to her.

PawPaw’s ‘Memes by PawPaw’ are sure to make you laugh.

PawPaw started sending photos via text message.
In each one, Ty sat next to an amusing message that had been printed on a piece of paper from his flp phone.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for Davd to plan and rehearse for this moment!

Davd, of course, had to plan ahead for this.

Prior to leaving, he created the messages on his computer at home, fearing that the family’s photo-sharing service would be unavailable to him.

As one of them stated:

‘My parents – Dad and Mom.’ I met a woman. Godfather Danny would be proud, said Grandpa. ‘I’m in love with Ty’

I adore his inventiveness. In addition, it’s adorable to see him resorting to prnt outs. It’s hilarious when the old and the new collide!

Neither Davd nor his daughter know what a ‘meme’ is, according to his daughter. However, it appears that he has the ability to create his own from scratch!

PawPaw even gave the parents a question from Ty to mull over while they were traveling.

‘My parents – Dad and Mom.’ Today, we went Jeep shopping. Please let me know if it is possible for me to obtain a license early.

It was the red one that really caught my eye. ‘I’m in love with Ty’ Inquiring minds want to know where the kid’s taste in cars stemmed from. Like a real man, you!

The two boys weren’t just confined to the house for the duration of their vacation. A photo of the Jeep was taken by Davd and his grandson on a little outing. Awsome choice, kid!

‘My father, a recently retired Dallas Police Officer, is my hero. He was in fact the one who created the database that tracked information for the Dallas Police Department.’

The FBI adopted his idea and based one of its national databases on the one he created.’ Oh, well, it’s not bad for an old man, is it? Paw paw’s system has brought down so many criminals!

‘He [PawPaw] absolutely adores being a grandfather and spending time with Ty,’ says PawPaw.

Knowing my son is spending the rest of his life with his amazing Pawpaw allows me to truly unwind. Isn’t it wonderful to have grandparents? See PawPaw’s hilarious ‘memes’ in GMA’s video!

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