The school janitor has a hidden talent! One day he went on stage and wowed everyone with it!

Just a little town girl trying to survive in a lonely world

You could certainly attempt to reach that high note, but unless you’re Steve Perry or this Indiana school janitor, don’t even bother trying.

Everyone is familiar with the lyrics to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ yet it can be difficult to achieve the enormous range needed to make it sound even remotely passable.

Depending solely on the singer’s vocal prowess, the attempt may either send shivers down people’s spines or cause the local dogs to scream in fear.

This well-known power ballad from the 1980s commands attention the moment it begins to be sung.

That’s because it may either be amazing and motivating, or the consequences could make you doubt your reality and the purpose of your ears.

Richard Goodall screamed out Journey’s well-known hit song with the passion of Steve Perry, unlike the majority of subpar covers.

This is made even more amazing by the fact that Richard had just finished a sound check for the school assembly when he decided to try out the microphone by spontaneously singing one of his all-time favorites.

Who would have thought that a generic middle-aged man might have the power to excite a group of small children? Sadly, that contributes to the issue. These days, people may be so judgmental.

We erroneously evaluated Susan Boyle’s book by its drab cover, and she memorably offered us a little of well-deserved humility as a result.

You may recall her as the unexpected crooner who embarrassed the crowd as she stood on the BGT stage uncomfortably crushing on Simon Cowell.

Then her career shot off to the highest degree conceivable, just like her gorgeous voice!

The fact that musicians could dress as they wanted and nobody would worry is one of the best things about the 1980s.

Everyone wore outrageously extravagant clothing and haircuts, aggressive makeup that appeared to have been applied with an industrial paintbrush, and many of the vocalists of that time were unattractive but skilled.

We are reminded that it is the voice we are most drawn to by contemporary TV shows like ‘The Voice.’

Nowadays, cameras are everywhere, and whether people want it or not, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame (thanks, Andy Warhol!).

Richard has his own TikTok channel where he frequently posts his incredible performances, so he clearly wants and deserves the spotlight.

He sent an audition tape to ‘The Voice’ since he knew that people like to hear him sing. Unfortunately, he wasn’t chosen to be a part of the show, for whatever reason—his age, his appearance, or something else entirely.

However, Steve Perry, the original lead singer of Journey, praised the janitor for his superb performance on Twitter, so all is well.

I love this, he merely stated. That is a reward that neither fame nor wealth could ever replace!

People don’t realize how hip students actually become when they hang out with the janitors, according to Ramsey Boltin, who shared the trending video on Twitter. They were unquestionably the coolest adults in the building.

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