This 11-year-old orphan had a ‘one in a lifetime moment’ which changed his life forever ! See this emotional story (video) below.

The reunion of this 11-year-old orphan with his forever family was a once-in-a-lifetime event. The Barkey family welcomed Sebastian, a young boy from Colombia, for the duration of the summer.

His time this season was spent with Asher, Judah, Jameis, and Mishayla Barkey, the four kids of JoBen and Amanda Barkey.

Sebastian was raised in an orphanage, making his trip to California an amazing experience. Sebastian had to bid his host family farewell at the conclusion of the season and head back to Colombia.

On the day that Sebastian left, there were many people crying at the airport, but this young child was unaware that The Barkeys were hiding a very important secret from him.

Sebastian’s family sought to adopt him in secret, but they were unable to do so due to Colombian legal restrictions.

The family video chatted the eager young boy after the paperwork was completed to inquire if he wanted to formally join their family.

The entire Barkey family travelled to Colombia to meet their newest member after Sebastian eagerly agreed.

Sebastian is reunited with his brand-new family in this adorable film, which beautifully captures the occasion.

Just in time for the holidays, this 11-year-old will move into his forever home. No one will ever forget this Christmas, that much is certain.

I’m so happy that this young guy is receiving the love he deserves. Who else is dabbing a few tears away?

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