The boy with disabilities has only one way to communicate with his family… Below video with his brother will give you teary eyes.

I started crying after seeing this touching exchange between two brothers. At their neighborhood Irish bar, Mark McMullan performs an incredible rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’ from the popular musical Les Miserables for his brother Declan.

Declan developed Locked in Syndrome after experiencing a heart arrest a few years ago. In this illness, almost all voluntary muscles in the body—aside from the eyes—are completely paralyzed.

Leaving the patient incapable of moving or verbally communicating. Declan uses that method to speak with his family.

Declan’s family calls out the letters of the alphabet, and he blinks at the letters to create words, according to the description of the video.

Declan has a fantastic sense of humor and has displayed tremendous courage and strength throughout, according to the description, which also says that he is in poor health.

Additionally, he is loved and supported by his family. That much is obvious from hearing Mark sing so well for his brother. Mark gives a great, sincere performance that clearly displays his love for Declan.

With your family and friends, spread this love.

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