The teenage actors from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ revealed how Robin Williams helped them not to ruin their lives and saved them…

Matthew Lawrence has vivid memories of his time working with Robin Williams on the Mrs. Doubtfire sets. When Lawrence took on the part of Chris Hillard, Williams’ character’s son, in the 1993 movie, he was a mere teenager.

He recalls a chance encounter with the late actor off-camera and another occasion when the comic handed him a ‘present’ while cautioning him against using or doing bad things.

Lawrence discussed how the late actor’s counsel prevented him from doing substances while he was growing up in Hollywood while making an appearance at the first-ever ’90s Con in April.

‘He was the first adult to actually open up to me about his illness. Honestly, allow me in,’ according to the now 42-year-old and the New York Post.

‘Even though he appeared intelligent on camera, it was difficult for him. I would go see him in his trailer and chat to him.

He feels a lot of pain. He did not conceal it. He discussed it with me, ‘He revealed.’ ‘Never use anything.  that can make you addicted” Lawrence was told by William.

‘He was really serious. You know when you go to my trailer and you see me like that? he asked. That is the reason why, he says.

And since I spent ten years doing something incredibly dumb every day, I’m now battling for the rest of my life. Avoid doing it. Because of him, I remained away from it’ Lawrence tacked on.

In the American comedy-drama movie, Robin Williams portrayed the title character as a free-lance voice actor who adores his three children, Lydia, Chris, and Natalie.

But when his wife, who views him as an unreliable guy, files for divorce, his entire life comes tumbling down. Williams poses as the now-iconic nanny in an effort to win back his children.

The cast of the film included Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Sally Field, Lisa Jakub, Robert Prosky, and Mara Wilson. Wilson, who was there during the event, told PEOPLE that Williams ‘had a big influence on me.’ Added the 34-year-old.

‘He spoke to me a lot about his struggles and mental health while we were filming. And I’ve battled sadness my entire life. Therefore, we had those discussions.

I believe it was very beneficial for me to understand that talking about this is okay. Being weak and sad is OK.’

‘Furthermore, it was the first time I had someone sit down with me and say, ‘I understand that you have anxiety and you are not alone.’

You’re not just a crazy freak with a quirk that nobody will understand and for which you will be rejected by everyone. Like, this is okay, you can do this, and everything will be OK,’ She revealed.

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