The wonderful dance routine of this dog and its owner has become an internet hit!

With their endearing ‘The First Butterfly’ freestyle dance routine, this Pit Bull and her owner crank on the charm!

Russian dog trainer Olga Dudareva specializes in teaching canine obedience. In the video below, you can see her dancing with her dog.

They are outside in a yard as the video begins. The tan and white Pit Bull is standing a few steps away, closely observing Olga as she enters the room dressed as a butterfly.

The dog is ready to start the rehearsal when Olga says so. The moment Olga issues the command, the dog moves ever-closer until she is standing next to her mother.

The two engage in a series of complex footwork maneuvers that are typical of musical canine freestyle. The dog closely follows Olga’s every move and never lags behind her.

She sits on her haunches and weaves between Olga’s legs. Then what happened at 1:43? It’s amazing and always a hit with the crowd!

You can tell the dog is enjoying it the entire time. She is positively overjoyed. Her focus, cheerful tail, and posture all show how much she is enjoying the activities with her mother.

The dogs that we typically see in the films of dog dance competitions are Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Even a Newfoundland dog performed for us.

But up to this point, a Pit Bull has never been seen performing a musical freestyle. It’s nice to watch a dog from this infamous breed showcasing her prowess and intelligence with her mother!

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