This woman wanted a completely new and different look! See the result below

Recently, a fascinating YouTube video attracted some attention from internet users, and it’s understandable why.

The Hair Guru Carla, an incredible hairstylist, shared the video titled ‘She wanted a fresh look for prom.’ It was a record of how she changed one of her clients.

The customer arrived at Carla’s salon with blonde, curly, afro hair. As the headline suggests, this customer requested a more subdued appearance because she was going to the prom.

The client ‘does not want to wear her natural hair,’ according to Carla. She asked for straight hair with a traditional center part. She required the installation of lace.

Carla explained, ‘She is going to have me put on a lace front wig because she doesn’t want her natural hair styled and she doesn’t want her color to show.’

She then began braiding her client’s hair, continuing until it was neat and smooth. In order to get a more polished appearance, she also removed some baby hair.

She then got to work attaching the wig.
She then went ahead and covered all of her natural hair with various hair products.

The lace front wig was then expertly bonded in place. It already seemed so genuine at this point!

The renowned hairstylist kept doing her client’s hair like a pro. The wig was seeming more and more real with each move she made.

It’s difficult to imagine it wasn’t her real hair. Carla continued by applying cosmetics to make it appear more smooth. Then it was time to style the wig!

She gave it a little hair product, blow dried it, then ironed it straight for that wonderful look. She began working on the front-facing portion of the hair from the rear.

The wig was separated in the middle as asked.
A middle part and straight, glossy hair truly do look so elegant together. Carla then started meticulously tidying up the client’s hairline.

The customer informed Carla that she had never worn fake lashes before, so she kindly let her to test some so she could determine whether or not she wanted them for her prom.

Carla ‘placed’ lashes on her customer as a result. She explained, ‘I’m showing her a preview of how she’ll appear with the lashes on against her natural lashes.

She wanted to see how she would look with lashes before the makeup artist finished.

The hairstylist said, ‘I’m not really good at installing, well, applying these lashes, but I just wanted her to see how it’s going to complement the hairstyle.’

It did in fact go well with the hairdo.
The end outcome was simply incredible! We can’t blame the stunning client for seeming overjoyed with how everything turned out. It appeared as though she had it from birth.

Carla stated, ‘I attempted to make it as natural as possible, also using light baby hairs. And we’re here to tell her that the target was successfully attained in full!’

View the below video to observe the remarkable transformation!

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