Father kept the daughter’s wedding gift in secret for 2 years! On the wedding day all the guests were surprised

On her wedding day, Erik Schouten, the bride’s father, sings ‘I Loved Her First’ to his daughter. If you have a father, you are aware of the unique connection that fathers and daughters share.

Dads are the role models that build a foundation of love, trust, and pleasure for their children. A supportive father gives his daughter the self-assurance and pride she needs at every stage of life because she knows she can rely on him.

And there is no difference in this father-daughter relationship. They have a particularly remarkable bond, in my opinion.

Madeline Galbreath had no idea what her father would sing when she asked him to sing at her wedding.

In fact, he made a few jokes and even performed a few notes of the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Landslide’ when they started filming the video of her father sitting at the piano.

He later admitted, though, that he hadn’t told his daughter what he was going to perform. While Madeline was organizing her wedding, he had kept it a secret for two years.

The fact that Maddie had written him a note the morning of the wedding claiming that he will always be her first love made Erik laugh.

She had no idea that his act would be inspired by her love for her father, which is why he felt it was humorous.

The guests at the wedding realized they were watching something really special when he started singing ‘I Loved Her First’ to his daughter after sharing that precious moment.

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