Hollywood icon Pierce Brosnan has learned to value life and the time he gets to spend with his family after many difficult years filled with sadness and joy.

Pierce Brosnan, an Irish actor and film producer, has married twice. The Australian actress Cassandra Harris was the Hollywood star’s first wife.

The former couple wed in December 1980, many years after they originally met in the 1970s. Sean, Brosnan and Cassandra’s only child, was born three years later.

They were a happy family of three up until 1986, when the ‘James Bond’ actor adopted Charlotte and Christopher, his wife’s two children from a previous relationship, after Dermot Harris passed away.

Later, Brosnan admitted that his adopted children and him got along well. The Irish actor and his family would enjoy a happy life until tragedy struck in 1987.

In Cassandra’s ovaries, a malignant growth was discovered, leading to her cancer diagnosis.

The actress’s family had to try all in their power to preserve her life, which was heartbreaking. Cassandra and the family were going to battle from the start, according to Brosnan.

It was a difficult period, but happily the actor was by his wife’s side constantly. Cassandra would endure eight surgery and chemotherapy over the course of the following 18 months, but there was still a lot of discomfort.

The actress lost her hair and felt awful as a result of the sickness and medications’ heavy toll on her.

Cassandra did her best to maintain her strength for the family, especially her children, despite the fact that she was terribly ill.

They would scream and somersault into the pool at home, and she would watch from her chair. She would eventually become worn out, which was a shame. Cassandra lost her struggle with the illness in December 1991, four years after being diagnosed.

Due to Cassandra’s passing, Brosnan is now a single parent. The “Black Adam” actor knew it would not be simple, but he had to persevere for his children.

Being a father was a large yet rewarding duty for the Hollywood legend. He therefore spent the following ten years raising his children alone while adjusting to the loss of his wife before finding love once more.

In the embrace of his second wife, journalist Keely Shaye Smith, Brosnan found love. The couple married in 2001 and had two children together, Paris and Dylan, after dating for a while.

A few years later, his adoptive daughter Charlotte and her husband Alex Smith received two children, Isabella and Lucas, and the “Mamma Mia” star also became a grandfather for the first time.

Brosnan seems to have finally found happiness after grieving for his late wife for many years. Sadly, another catastrophe was only a matter of time.

The same disease that took her mother’s life, ovarian cancer, claimed the actor’s daughter Charlotte on June 28, 2013.

She was only 41 when she passed away, making Isabel and Lucas essentially orphans. For Brosnan, the loss of his daughter brought back terrible memories, and it broke his heart. After Charlotte’s passing, the actor issued a statement that said:

‘My precious daughter Charlotte Emily, who died of ovarian cancer on June 28 at 2:00 p.m., has entered eternal life.

She was flanked by her brothers Christopher and Sean, her husband Alex, and their two kids, Isabella and Lucas.’

‘Charlotte fought her cancer with dignity, bravery, and grace. Our death of our lovely girl has left us with aching hearts. We pray for her and that a remedy for this terrible illness will soon be available’
Finally, he said.

One of Charlotte’s close friends, Claire Beckwith, spoke up about what a remarkable person the dead was and how she had a big impact on her children after Charlotte passed away. She observed:

‘Bella and Lucas were the absolute best to their mummy. They will always remember that their mother merely admired them for the rest of their lives.’

Beckwith further admitted that Charlotte was committed to her family and tried to show them as much affection as she could.

Nancy Ellison and other family acquaintances described Charlotte as a cheerful, attractive, almost silly girl.

It was heartbreaking for the entire Brosnan family to lose such a soul. But Brosnan would get some good news while still mourning the loss of his daughter.

His oldest son, Sean, and his wife, Sanja Banic, had just born a child, Marley May, making him a grandfather for the third time.

Brosnan has learned to value life and the time he gets to spend with his family after many difficult years filled with sadness and joy.

The actor loves having grandchildren in addition to being a loving father. His previous self-description was ‘proud grandfather.’ Brosnan has frequently expressed his fondness for and openness regarding his grandchildren.

The joyful grandfather talked about his precious granddaughter Marley in an episode of ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ from April 2017. In the words of Brosnan

‘She just makes me swoon. Being a grandparent is such a delight. There is certainly something alluring and lovely about it.’

The actor then responded in the yes when Kelly questioned him about if it was possible to love grandchildren more than children. He pointed out that the arrival of the grandchildren was the reason for this.

The legendary actor in Hollywood claimed that having grandchildren coincided with one’s awareness of aging. Therefore, it is important to treasure your time spent with them.

Brosnan makes time for his grandchildren despite his hectic schedule. He was seen carrying Marley while out walking with the girl’s parents in February 2017.

The actor’s fans are thrilled to discover that he has finally found happiness. It’s to be hoped that his grins will last a very long time.

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