When this parrot entered the shop the workers had no idea what a surprise was waiting for them. This video will give you a ‘Good’ laugh…

When Paco, a parrot, entered Pennsylvanian Petland for a normal wing clipping and nail trim, the workers had no idea what a treat they were in for.

This entertaining parrot was anxious to have his nails clipped, and it’s clear from his comments that Paco is well-liked and has a fantastic imitation of his owner’s chuckle.

She must be a strong, joyful woman who laughs frequently. He started his commentary with laughing and a few ‘Hey there baby’ jokes as the vet tech started trimming his wings.

The two vet techs almost can’t work because they are laughing so hard and weeping at one point. Since it was so hilarious, they couldn’t help but upload it on TikTok.

It quickly gained popularity and received hundreds of comments in addition to over two million views.

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