Look how the African boy whose picture with volunteer has gone viral on the social media look like now..

This is a photo of an African boy being fed by a volunteer, which became very famous when Anja Ringern Loven posted it on her page.

The girl was engaged in volunteer activities for many years and often visited countries where volunteer help was needed.

Under that photo, Anya left a note in which she told about the fate of the boy. It turns out that his own parents left him on the street because they suspected him of witchcraft.

The point is that at that time there was a group of fraudsters living in the community who convinced many parents that their children were witches and offered to ‘cure’ the little one for a large amount of money.

But this boy’s family decided to just leave him on the street… For 8 months the child lived and ate on the streets.

But he was lucky to meet Anya, who took the boy with her to Denmark and placed him in her orphanage, where similar ‘Nidenish’ people from Nigeria were already living.

At first, the boy lagged behind his peers in terms of development and could not gain the necessary weight in any way.

But over time he started to improve and now he has many friends in his new school, he studies well and hopes to help poor children in the future.

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