This 45-year-old homeless man’s life changes dramatically thanks to caring employees of the beauty salon

Unfortunately, it happens in life that some people, against their will, find themselves in the abyss, without a family, an apartment and a job…

Today we want to share with you an exciting story that happened to 45-year-old Brazilian Joao Coelho Guimaraes.

The man lived on the street without a roof for many years, but thanks to the caring employees of the beauty salon, his life changed dramatically. And it all started when he was offered a free haircut…

‘He entered our hall, and we asked him if he was hungry and wanted something to eat.’ But he refused and asked for a razor to trim his beard.

That’s when we came up with the idea to help him by giving the man a beauty day,’ said salon owner Alessandro Lobo.

The man’s appearance was clearly not in the best shape, and the masters offered to help him transform.

‘We decided to help that person because we saw how much he needed it. We have seen him before and have become friends over the past two months. And when he asked us for a razor, we decided to completely transform him,’ said the barber.

On the same day, a real ‘Beauty Day’ was presented to the homeless.

‘We have several social support programs and we are very happy to be able to help people, no matter who they are.

Many people have lost loved ones during the pandemic, and others have been left with financial difficulties.

A little help is always welcome at a difficult time like this,’ Alessandro said when asked how often his salon helps the homeless.

The man was not only cut, but the masters cut his beard and gave him clothes: shirts, some pants, a jacket and even shoes.

The work took about two hours. All hairdressers and stylists who were free at that time volunteered to help. The result amazed everyone. Joao just looked amazing.

The man himself was pleasantly surprised, tears flowed from his eyes instead of words, and that was better than all thanks.

But what the salon staff didn’t know was that after they posted the results of the ‘Before and After’ makeover online, Joao’s life would change dramatically.

These pictures were seen by local men who were sure for 10 years that he was dead. They contacted the employees of the salon and went to a meeting.

The sister recognized her brother in the photos shared on social networks and was very happy to meet him again. You can’t imagine Joao’s emotions.

The woman was surprised that he lives on the street, because he was always a hardworking and responsible person.

Many years ago, he went to another city to work, but contact with him was cut off, and until then no one knew what happened. Even Joao himself doesn’t remember anything.

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