When this guy returned the woman’s stolen wallet, he couldn’t imagine such a reaction and action. See what happened!

Although he didn’t expect anything in return, a 17-year-old San Diego kid has received a sizable prize after returning a pocketbook abandoned in a grocery store parking lot.

Two weeks ago, Adrian Rodriquez discovered the green handbag in the Chula Vista, California, Ralph’s parking lot.

He made the choice to personally deliver it to the woman’s front door as opposed to bringing it inside the store.

The pocketbook was left with the housemates even though its owner, Eliana Martin, wasn’t around. Later, using the home’s security footage, the high school graduate was found and given some love.

‘Oh my God, I thought as I peered into the Ring camera. He’s such a little kid, Melina Marquez says. ‘We need to track him down and simply express our gratitude to him.’

She and Martin discovered the young man who returned the bag containing $20 and a wallet stuffed with credit cards after sharing the arresting photo on social media.

Adrian told NBC News, ‘My mom always advised me to always do the right thing when nobody’s around.’

Sincerely, ‘I didn’t expect anything back.’ The young man added, ‘If someone found my stuff, I’d want them to bring it back to me.’

The good news, however, didn’t end there. Marquez set up a GoFundMe page so that Adrian’s friends and new fans may honor his integrity.

Money from 764 donors totaling over $17,000 was sent. In the video below, Marquez tells 10News that ‘every parent right now wishes that their children grow up to be just like this young boy.’

Watch the Positively San Diego video from the 10News program…

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