A three-year-old boy transforms into a true superhero and receives a ‘honor walk.’ This story will give you teary eyes

Mars Bedell, 3, adored sports, superheroes, and other things that made life fun for young boys.

Young Mars, who is from Webster, Texas, had his entire life ahead of him. This boy could have pursued a career as a doctor, an athlete, or whatever else he set his mind to.

Mars, a young child, tragically drowned and died at an apartment complex pool.Sunday, July 3rd, about 1:45 p.m., police were called about a kid they had discovered floating in one of the pools at the Baystone Apartments at 800 West NASA Parkway.

When Mars submerged, his family and he were at the pool. CPR was started as soon as emergency personnel got on the site. The 3-year-old was then sent to HCA Houston Clear Lake Hospital.

Sadly, just two days later, on July 5, at around 7 p.m., the Webster police officially announced the boy’s passing.

It was a standard-sized pool with a maximum depth of seven feet. Even a kiddie pool was close by, though it was unclear which one Mars was in. Despite how tragic everything was, his family chose to have him donate his organs.

In order to honor Mars for being an organ donor, family, friends, and hospital personnel from HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake lined the hallways.

This honor walk was for Mars Bedell.
Mars’ mother remarked, ‘He loved to dress up as a superhero every day.

He enjoyed anything that had to do with being a superhero. He had a constant desire to appear in costume as a superhero.

To offer Mars a memorable farewell, several of them even wore capes and masks. She continued, ‘The only way I could think of to respect him to make him a superhero is to allow life to be given.’

Mars  a hero.
Last week, his organs were transplanted into four individuals, including two children and two adults.

‘Today, we take the time to celebrate Mars Bedell,’ a staff member remarked in a group tribute.

We applaud Mars and his family right now for their noble choice to donate their organs in order to save the lives of others.

Hope has been born in the midst of deep sorrow. Every individual has a distinct story to share, one that will undoubtedly not be forgotten. Mars also has a charming tale.

‘Everyone who met him adored him. He was the loveliest boy you’d ever met. Sports, Batman, Spider-Man, and money were his three greatest loves. May Mars’s impact serve as an ever-present reminder of love and optimism.

Mars and his family are responsible for our presence here today and our ability to give others hope and life.

No amount of gratitude can ever be sufficient. If you don’t mind, let’s pause now to remember the life of this tiny superhero in silence.

Too soon: a young boy. Mars used his organs to save others as he left this planet. A true hero who will live in all of our memories.

Mars, rest in peace.

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