This boy runs every morning to save his brother’s life… The more details about this important and valuable story below

Every morning in Jinan, Shandong, in the small park, no matter the weather, you can always see a little boy running hard. Quanquan is the name of the kid (a pseudonym).

This year marks his ninth birthday. Every day, he works hard to save his brother’s life. ‘I’d like to save my brother.’ Only by becoming stronger will I be able to save him.’ With tears in his eyes, Quanquan said.

His brother Mingming (a pseudonym) developed a dry cough on July 1, 2021, and 6 lymph nodes grew under his left arm. Mingming was taken to the hospital by his family on July 2.

Following a battery of tests, it was discovered that Mingming lacked immune T cells and was suffering from severe pneumonia.

It was the first time the child’s parents heard the term ‘immune T cells,’ and they had no idea what it meant.

The doctor explained that T cells are a type of lymphocyte, and that children are easily infected by common pathogens if they do not have immune T cells.

The doctor’s explanation caused the couple to stand in a daze in the doctor’s office, and they didn’t know how to leave. After all, reality is reality, and you must face it whether you like it or not.

After calming down, the child was immediately admitted to the hospital. Because the child’s condition was relatively serious.

Ming Ming was treated at Weifang People’s Hospital and Shandong Provincial Hospital, but his condition did not improve, and the couple had a bad premonition.

On the doctor’s advice, the two took the child to Beijing Children’s Hospital for treatment. The doctor informed the child’s father that Ming Ming had severe combined immunodeficiency and could only be treated with bone marrow stem cell transplantation.

When the child’s mother heard the doctor’s words, she cried and mumbled, ‘How could my son get such a serious illness?’ ‘How could he have?’

They never imagined that their healthy son would contract such a disease, but now is not the time to be sad.

On August 26, the entire family underwent a genetic test in order for Mingming to receive the transplant as soon as possible.

Quanquan and Mingming were successfully matched and can be transplanted, according to the final results.

This outcome gave the entire family hope. Quanquan was overjoyed when he discovered that by successfully matching the type, he could save his younger brother.

However, during the physical examination prior to bone marrow transplantation, the doctor told the child’s father that Quanquan was too thin and weak, and that he needed to gain weight and strengthen his physique in order to receive bone marrow stem cells.

‘I am willing to go to any length to save my brother.’ The 9-year-old boy had a firm expression on his face.

It was also around this time that Ming Ming’s road to recovery was obstructed by the enormous medical bills and Quanquan’s poor physical condition.

Hope is nearby but difficult to grasp. The previous treatment had already cost nearly 200,000 yuan, and the couple had exhausted all options, but they still owed hundreds of thousands of yuan at the same time.

‘I brought my child into this world, and even if I gave up my life, I will let my son live well,’the child’s mother choked up as she held her youngest son in her arms.

Quanquan began running in Zhongshan Park every morning after learning that he had successfully matched his younger brother, and he was panting and sweating every time he exercised for more than ten kilometers in a day.

Despite being exhausted, he is full of energy and motivation to persevere as long as he believes he can save his brother.

He got rid of his picky eaters, supplemented with balanced nutrition per the doctor’s advice, and built muscle.

The child’s father looked at his older son, who worked hard every day despite his distress, but he couldn’t stop him.

On one side is the exhausted eldest son, and on the other is the younger son who is awaiting assistance, causing this father to suffer

Quanquan, who just started fourth grade this year, has not been to school since the beginning of September in order to save his brother as soon as possible.

He insisted on working out every day in order to gain weight. At home, he usually reads and reviews. He can’t afford to waste time. Every day brings new brothers.

It’s perilous. My mother is now accompanying her younger brother to Beijing for treatment. Quanquan and his father can only stay in Jinan because the costs of living in Beijing are prohibitively expensive.

The entire family cannot be together during the Mid-Autumn Festival for the first time in Quan’s memory, but as long as you think of saving your brother, all your thoughts turn into motivation.

Since Mingming’s diagnosis on July 2, more than 370,000 daily treatment and hospital expenses have been incurred, as have more than 300,000 foreign debts.

Despite the fact that Quanquan has successfully matched his younger brother, the high cost of surgery represents an insurmountable barrier for the family.

Mingming’s parents used to work in fast food restaurants and factories, but since Mingming became ill, they have had no income to support his family.

My deep concern for my son has transformed into a fierce determination to save his life and the courage to seek assistance.

Now that the relatives who can borrow have done so, the entire family is in a difficult situation.

If everything goes well, Quanquan and Mingming can perform bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, but they don’t have enough surgical fees, so they can’t do it even if Quanquan’s physical condition allows it.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment costs are simply astronomical for ordinary families like them, but as long as there is a glimmer of hope, the entire family refuses to give up, ‘We don’t want to lose our children, we want to save their lives.’

The child’s father stood nearby. I couldn’t stop crying as I looked at the family portrait on the wall.

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