Grocery store clerk and elderly woman have an amusing standoff every time she goes shopping.

A hilarious and healthy routine is shared by a senior woman and a grocery shop worker. An old woman is visible inside a grocery store in the endearing video that was posted on Reddit.

She is observing the vegetables while a store employee nearby has his back to her. The surveillance video appears to be typical. But the real action begins when she puts her hand in her coat pocket.

It appears from the collection of videos and the variety of scarves she wears that the senior lady stops by to engage in a ‘stand off’ every time she stops by to shop. And we laughed at the clerk’s inventive battle. Bananas? How enchanting is that?

I wonder how this started, it’s really sweet, said one Redditor. The employee’s vest, which says ‘Pamplemousse’ and indicates that the business is in a French-speaking nation, appears to be the only hint.

Some viewers questioned the clerk’s timing for getting ready for the elderly woman’s visits. In response, one viewer said, ‘Most supermarkets nearby have a day of the week where elders get an extra 5–10% discount.

He most likely is aware of the day of the week she will be there. My mother’s stringent shopping routine is the source.

Others had a cute debate on what he had concealed as a ‘weapon’ within the vest. He has carrots lodged in his body like knives, LOL.

But the elderly woman will ultimately win out. The user Random Reflections advised against bringing carrots to a water gun war.

Princessleyva speculated that it could be bread. Does the vest have any bread? Really inventive and brilliant! ListenJerry replied, ‘I assumed they were corn dogs. Another person remarked,’ My initial impression was corn dogs, but that would be an oily mess.

Given that he works in fresh produce, I’m going with carrots, sbowesuk wrote. Hotdogs were another suggestion.

Everyone is raving about the routine, not whatever he had hidden within that vest. That’s because seeing the two having a friendship that makes them both grin is so endearing.

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