A former royal protection officer revealed what twelve-word warning Diana gave to Camilla at the party when she saw her with Charles

According to a former royal protection officer, Princess Diana addressed Camilla and issued her with a 12-word warning after discovering the two of them leaving a party together without permission.

More over 41 years ago, Diana wed the heir to the throne in a fairytale ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The couple went on to have sons, Princes William and Harry

But it was eventually discovered that Charles had cheated on his wife with Camilla Parker Bowles, an old love interest from the 1970s.

It was a bit crowded because there were three of us in this marriage, Diana revealed in her bombshell Panorama interview.

And now Ken Wharfe, a former royal protection officer who served on Diana’s security detail for six years, has shared the exact moment the royal couple realized their marriage was about to collapse.

On today’s episode of ITV’s Lorraine, Ranvir Singh spoke with him about how Diana and Charles attended a reception hosted by Camilla’s sister, and that Camilla was also present.

He described how he and others were astonished Diana attended the party given that it was attended by a large number of Camilla and Charles’ friends.

Says Mr. Wharfe ‘Diana didn’t have any close friends at that party, but when we showed up, it was like a scene from a movie had been frozen in time since everyone was so surprised to see Diana.

‘I was in the kitchen somewhere when I heard my name being called an hour later. I went outside, and there was Diana, telling me that I needed to take you with me since I couldn’t find either Camilla or my husband.’

We ultimately discovered the prince and Camilla sitting on a sofa in this property’s basement, just talking. Now, I couldn’t say no because it was obvious that the woman was in some difficulty.

Mr. Wharfe continued by saying that Diana had given her warning, but he wasn’t sure what would happen next.

‘Please don’t treat me like an idiot, I know what’s going on,’ Diana pleaded to Camilla as she approached the two of them, the man continued. ‘I didn’t know quite what Diana was going to do at that time.’

And Camilla sort of said, ‘Well you know, you have two great boys,’ which, to this day, I’ve never really understood what she meant.

‘Well, it was undoubtedly a wonderful experience for them as well as for me. Their lives were forever changed by that point, which I believe signaled the approaching conclusion.’

As he gets ready to release a new book, Diana Remembering the Princess, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her passing, Mr. Wharfe spoke with Lorraine. Four years after their 1992 breakup, Charles and Diana finally got divorced in 1996.

Diana, however, passed away just a year later at the age of 36 after a fatal automobile accident in Paris.

Camilla later became the Duchess of Cornwall after Charles and Camilla’s 2005 marriage. His wife will be referred to as Queen Consort when the Prince of Wales ascends to the throne.

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