The owner teaches the dogs a new command, but look what the cat is doing at the same time

Dogs are incredibly loyal and loving animals that can also be trained to do tricks.

Almost any dog ​​can learn simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘give paw,’ but there are many more complex tricks that, with the right training, four-legged friends can also perform.

Dogs named Lucy and Phoenix became famous on the Internet due to their ability to understand and follow the commands of the owner. However, another smart pet lives in their house – a cat that apparently thinks it is a dog.

This cat doesn’t want to just sit on the sidelines while the dogs get their share of the glory! And after all, why should they be the only ones having fun?

In this video that made thousands of people around the world smile, we see the owner teach his pets how to do some impressive tricks.

While we tend to think that dogs are the only ones with such a talent, it turns out that the cat that lives with them, named Deeja, at least has some ability too.

I promise you, this cute trinity will certainly please you … They are sitting together in the living room, attentively listening to the owner standing in front of them.

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