83-year-old grandfather thinks he lost everything in a fire until something appears from under the burning rubble

A truly heartbreaking story took place earlier this year in the Turkish province of Ordu.

According to the Daily Sabah, an explosion in the home of 83-year-old Ali Meshe set off a fire that left his home in ruins.

However, in the midst of a real tragedy, Ali’s beloved pet was able to crawl out from under the burning rubble of the house … his cat, named Blonde.

According to the Daily Sabah newspaper, wanting to start a fire in the house, Ali Meshe decided to light the stove with gasoline.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and there was an explosion in the living room, as a result of which the whole house burned down. For an elderly man, this was a real tragedy that could easily cost him his life.

Ali is lucky. He managed to get out of the burning house, but as a result of this fire, he lost all his property. 13 out of 14 chickens died in the fire, and the house turned into a pile of embers.

Against all odds
The 83-year-old man managed to escape with minor burns. He was subsequently quickly discharged from the hospital.

However, Ali felt real relief when, thinking that he had lost everything, he saw that his cat crawled out to him under the burning debris.

Firefighters helped save his beloved pet — the only thing he had left — after which he hugged the cat, not hiding his tears. This is truly an incredibly touching photo that has spread all over the Internet with great speed.

After this story went viral, American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared the following video on her Instagram page. Ali quickly became a worldwide sensation, gaining sympathy on an international scale.

A wave of compassion soon reached the Turkish authorities, who could not remain indifferent to the fate of Ali Mesh.

They agreed to build a new house for the 83-year-old man, and while construction is going on, Ali will live with his daughter.

In addition, Turkey’s Minister of Family Affairs and Social Policy, Fatma Betul Sayyan Kaya, said in an interview with Daily Sabah that her goal is to launch a campaign to help Ali Meshe, thanks to which his life will return to what it was before the tragedy.

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