98-year old Kentuckian grandma was trapped in a flooded house and only this kind of heroic act could save her life… What happened next below(video)

98-year-old After the Kentucky apartment she was living in became flooded, Mae Amburgey barely managed to escape with her life. The elderly woman became trapped as the water level reached 4 feet.

Mae made many unsuccessful attempts to call for assistance due to the majority of phone lines being down as a result of the flooding.

Missy Crovetti, her granddaughter, eventually learned about the predicament and took immediate action. In a final act of desperation, she resorted to the internet community for support in the rescue.


Crovetti posted a picture of her grandmother sitting in the icy water that had leaked into her Whitesburg house.

According to Crovetti, even though the water was already waist deep, the older woman was able to retain a portion of her body above the surface by sitting on an elevated object with one leg submerged in the water below. Mae remembered:

‘I reached out right away but no one was picking up their phone call when I got up to check the news and there was floods.’

Crovetti, who was in a desperate situation, could only pray in her heart that online users would spread the message till it got to the appropriate people. She captioned the image as follows:

In her house across from the high school, my grandmother, uncle, and brother are stranded. The water inside the house is roughly four feet deep, so if someone has a boat nearby, bring it.

The video quickly gained popularity and caught the attention of locals in Eastern Kentucky as well as law enforcement and rescue crews.


A safety squad quickly descended on the area in an effort to free the trapped woman. The crew can be seen wading through the flood, which was already neck-deep, not far from the roofline of Amburgey’s house in a video from the dramatic rescue mission.

Crovetti claimed that a guy had to smash a window or a door to enter the house, hang the woman from a pillow that floated, and then leave. The video clip showed the four people pushing the elderly woman through the deep water against the current while holding her in place.

They had a difficult time getting to safety because, in addition to having to fight to keep the woman from sinking, they became stuck in some rubble and had to wait there until a professional rescue crew could reach them.

Thankfully, everyone survived the catastrophe. Amburgey, though, was taken right away to a hospital for emergency medical attention. Crovetti answered when asked how her grandmother was doing.

‘She’s doing quite well, actually. She is severely injured and in the hospital for her second day, but she is eager to go.’

The granddaughter of Amburgey also expressed her appreciation to everyone who helped bring her grandmother to safety through the rescue operations.


According to Crovetti’s account, her uncle Larry Amburgey and Brother Gregory were also trapped in the house in addition to her grandma.

Neither was able to contact the emergency lines because they were either down or overloaded with flood-related distress calls. The water continued to rise, but before the family gave up hope, a compassionate stranger swam over to the house.

He entered through the window, as seen in the video, and assisted the grandmother and the two other people who were trapped in the home. Amburgey received a leg laceration and a pneumonia diagnosis while she was out of harm’s way.

In his seventies, Larry also experienced acute water inhalation and required the use of a ventilator. Nevertheless, despite the family’s concern for Amburgey’s safety given her advanced age, the trio is responding to treatment. According to Crovetti

‘Because of her advanced age, we’re hopeful but yet afraid.’

Crovetti has launched a GoFundMe campaign in the interim to assist raise funds for her grandmother’s care and support the family as they recover from the impacts of the tragic flood. Since then, the page has raised up to $13,346 of its $25,000 target.

The Amburgey family is eternally grateful to the wonderful stranger who risked everything to save the family. No one knows the rescuer’s name, but Randy Polly, the eyewitness who recorded the recordings, called the unidentified man a hero.


As netizens praise the quick response of everyone who helped with the rescue, the news of the brave rescue has sparked discussion online.

Others expressed their sorrow for the family’s misfortune and wished them speedy recovery. Following comments,

‘Goodness me. I’m really sorry that they have to deal with this. July 25, 2022 (@Nancy Wojciehowski Pecora) ‘So sad. My heart is in such pain. I can only offer prayers for everyone.

‘Aunt Mae, our. Yesterday, I paid her a visit in the hospital. She still has a positive attitude. She was able to describe the specifics of her rescue to me. She is the toughest woman I’ve ever met.’

Crovetti posted an update in the comments section as well, revealing that her brother was still missing. In a subsequent post, she acknowledged that her brother had been seen at her grandmother’s house but made no mention of his condition.


Not all of the families stranded by the water had the same luck as the Amburgeys, it should be noted. As of Sunday, July 31, 2022, records indicate that the Kentucky flood claimed the lives of at least 26 people.

According to the Weather Prediction Center, the community has level 3 of 4 moderate threats for extreme rainfall, thus this number could rise.

On Monday morning, the National Weather Service issued a flood watch for portions of Southern and Eastern Kentucky.

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