Double celebration: The biggest and the smallest members of this family were born on the same day! Learn how much is the age gap between them and see how they celebrate this day!

It’s so nice to be able to see numerous generations of your family in one place. Iva Vest has fortunately experienced this idea as a reality.

On Sunday, Iva Vest’s 105th birthday was celebrated by 70 members of the Los Altos Christian Church in Albuquerque. West celebrated his 105th birthday late last month. He was born on July 25th, 1917.

She wore a pink tiara and outfit to her celebration on the day of it to represent that she was the birthday girl.

Since Vest spent her entire life focusing on excellent health and femininity, pink was chosen as the theme for the party.

She became overwhelmed when she noticed the attendance at her birthday. ‘I felt overpowered. Saw acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a while,’ the woman remarked.

She learned she had just become a great-great-great-grandmother on the day of her historic 105th birthday.

Her great-great-great-granddaughter was born on the day of her milestone birthday, thus it was only right that she was given the name Iva in her honor.

Vest and her husband were wed for more than 55 years. Three daughters and seven grandkids were born to the marriage.

Vest has also had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the addition of a few more generations to her family.

Iva came of age at a period of direct modernization. Since cars were a novelty at the time and not everyone had one, she remembers riding horses to school. In 1934, she earned her degree alongside her husband.

Vest attended a rural school where all of the students gathered for class in one location. She was raised in Iowa on a farm without electricity until she was 12 years old.

What had they done before to that? They ‘used kerosene lamps and lanterns,’ according to Vest.

Vest claimed that attaining 100 years old felt significant, and each every decade after that seemed like an additional blessing.

She didn’t have much to say about how she managed to live such a long life. She did, however, give the following advice: ‘Try to live a happy life and eat healthily.’

The 105-year-old was raised as a lone child and spent her early years making up several imaginary acquaintances.

She also has a large collection of the dolls she used to play with, which she hopes her great-grandchildren would one day appreciate as much as she did.

Over the years, she has given a lot of life advice. Her mother’s advice to her daughter to ‘treat people as you want to be treated’ stands out in her daughter’s memory.

Her intelligence is still as sharp as ever at her age. And Vest is conscious of preserving ancestors’ customs and recipes by passing them down!

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