Joe Mantegna has been happily married to his high school sweetheart for 46 years. She put her career on the hold to help him.

46 years have passed since Joe Mantegna wed a high school friend who put her aspirations on hold to support his career.

Finding a spouse that supports you no matter what is a blessing in and of itself. Additionally, both professionally and romantically, actor Joe Mantegna has been fortunate.

Actor Joe Mantegna enjoys enormous popularity. The most famous role for which he is remembered is that of David Rossi on the CBS television series ‘Criminal Minds.’

In contrast to his multiple failed marriages and relationships on the show, Mantegna’s love life has been a success in real life.

The union of Joe Mantegna and Arelene Vrhel is renowned. When he was still in high school, he met the woman of his dreams, and since then, their romance has grown into something amazing.

They were both members of the school’s theater club when they were cast together in a play. But it wasn’t until a few years later that their friendship developed into something more.

Arlene attended Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois, while Mantegna attended Morton East High School and a junior college in Cicero, Illinois.

A few years later, when they were both older and wiser, the pair reconnected. The two had been given roles in the Chicago theater production of ‘Hair.’ They entered a romantic partnership at this point in their life.

Joe frequently thinks back on that play and the memories it evokes. He posted a photo of himself and his wife dressed as characters from the play. ‘Yes, that’s me and my beloved wife Arlene when we did Hair,’ he captioned the image. #hairthemusical.’

Although the couple knew from the beginning that this was it, they took their time and enjoyed being single for a while. This, according to Arlene, was due to the fact that they were ‘hippies.’

However, the pair chose to get married in 1975 after exchanging vows in the most romantic location on earth, on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Joe was performing on Broadway and attempting to get on television during this time. It was also a difficult shift, as anyone can imagine. And through it all, his wife remained by his side while he awaited calls for roles.

The actor moved them to Los Angeles with all of their possessions in the back of a U-Haul truck, and his wife practically stayed by his side the entire time.

Dennis Franz, an actor, accompanied them on their voyage with the same ambition: to land a breakthrough part.

Mantegna and Franz’s friendship was further solidified as a result. Even Mantegna allegedly threatened to quit a play if Franz was sacked from it, according to a rumor.

With ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ Mantegna finally hit the jackpot. He received frequent casting requests for larger movies after his part in the film, which was what he had desired.

The couple ultimately chose a stunning home in Toluca, close to Burbank. The devoted wife of Mantegna remained by him, investing her time and energy in preparing her husband for future achievement.

The couple’s affection for one another and Arlene’s unwavering support are the subject of countless anecdotes.

Mantegna once performed in the Goodman Theatre, but he fumbled his lines and there was an awkward pause.

Arelene came to her husband’s side during a pause in the play and comforted him with an embrace, which enabled him to finish the play well enough for it to be praised as ‘excellent.’

Joe takes sure to express his gratitude to her at every opportunity, being the devoted husband that he is. She is the only person I’ve traveled with save my own family, he once remarked.

She has been able to participate in everything, make contributions to everything, do everything, and watch my goals come true.

And he made sure to support her in the same way that his wife had always supported him. Her dream of running a restaurant was one that he assisted her in realizing. In 2003, the couple launched ‘Taste Chicago,’ a dining establishment in Burbank.

They both grew up in Chicago, and the restaurant had a Chicago motif. It served well-known Chicago dishes like deep-dish pizza and fast food favorites like Italian beef sandwiches and Vienna beef hotdogs.

After running the restaurant with his wife for more than 15 years, Joe said he could not be “prouder” of her.

He has been married for about 50 years as of 2022, and while it hasn’t always been a bed of roses, there have been some advantages.

I won’t claim that my life has been trouble-free and without issue, Joe stated. That cannot be said, in my opinion. But we persisted, and I believe that the longer we persisted, the better it got.

Similar counsel is given to young couples by the couple: hold on and never argue in bed.

Two gifted girls belong to the couple, who are also proud parents. Their daughter Gina, often known as Gia Mantegna, is a successful actress who has received honors of her own, such as for her work on ‘The Middle.’

The pair prioritizes their family while also participating in numerous causes. Joe also serves as the National Army Museum’s spokeswoman.

The pair has genuinely created a lovely life together and continues to genuinely enjoy one other’s presence.

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