Every day, a man places flowers on the bench in memory of his late wife. When he learns what two strangers did, he starts crying …

Bud Caldwell’s boundless love for his wife, Betty, burned for decades, remaining strong even after Betty passed away.

The song ‘Daisy a Day’ (‘I’ll give you daisies every day’) was Betty’s favorite song, which her husband played very often during 55 years of marriage.

Bud always tried to give Betty a little surprise in the form of a bouquet of daisies, sometimes while singing his wife’s favorite song. Unfortunately, in 2013, Betty passed away and Bud was left alone.

But Betty will forever remain in his memory and in his heart. As a token of devotion and endless love for Betty, Bud erected a memorial bench in Lakeside Park, located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

There is a small plaque on the bench with a photo and information about the woman Bud proudly called his wife.

Every day Bud came to this place to honor the memory of his adored wife. Often he would just sit there, humming her favorite song. He told Betty about his life, the weather, what was going on in the world and how much he missed her.

But as soon as winter came and snow fell, it became difficult for Bud to visit Betty’s bench. He could no longer, as before, come and lay flowers in memory of her.

One particularly snowy day, Bud could only stand on the sidewalk and stare at the bench from a distance. There was so much snow that Bud couldn’t get through it.

Little did Bud know, however, that two complete strangers had noticed his daily ritual and secretly decided to help. Two park employees, where Bud came every day, now clear the snow from the path that leads to the Betty memorial bench on winter days.

Just watch the CBS news report below to learn about the selfless act of people, which is impossible to remain indifferent.

This story is about great love, kindness, and two park employees, Jarod and Joe, who restore our faith in humanity through their actions.

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