When a 61-year-old woman suggest to carry her own granddaughter, the headline grabbed attention all around the world.

Love from a mother is unlike any other. For the sake of their children, they will go to unthinkable lengths, and Cecile Eledge, 63, is no different.

About five years ago, Cecile learnt that her son Mathew Eledge and his husband Elliot Dougherty were considering using IVF to create a child. Cecile immediately offered to act as their surrogate.

According to PEOPLE, she stated that she had ‘loved being pregnant’ and would ‘do it again in a heartbeat’ if given the chance.

A startled When Dr. Carolyn Maud Dougherty, a reproductive endocrinologist, was informed of Matthew’s mother’s suggestion, they were surprised to learn that they could actually take it into consideration as a possibility.

But there were limitations and prerequisites. Cecile was required to undergo a battery of tests, including a pap smear, blood and cholesterol testing, a mammogram, and an ultrasound because she had given birth more than 30 years prior and was now menopausal.

She was in terrific health, according to the findings, and could carry the child. Dr. Doherty said, ‘She has the body of a 40-year-old and is actually in better form than some 20-year-olds.’

Who would provide the egg donor, was the next query. Because his sister Lea Yribe consented to give a few of her eggs, Mathew is one lucky dude. Doesn’t it really take a community to raise a child?

Cecile was forced to go through several hormone treatments after being chosen as a good host. After Mathew’s sperm was used to fertilize Lea’s eggs, the embryo was successfully implanted in Cecile’s uterus. They now had to wait for the outcomes. Nevertheless, she conceived on the first implantation try despite everything.

Cecile, however, experienced a challenging pregnancy. Her advanced age caused her blood pressure to frequently spike. Although she experienced excruciating morning sickness, there were no serious issues.

On March 24, 2019, she went into labor at Omaha’s University of Nebraska Medical Center and delivered a healthy baby girl. Even the physicians were taken aback when she gave birth naturally as opposed to a cesarean section as they had anticipated.

As they saw Cecile give birth to their beautiful daughter, Uma, her son and his girlfriend grieved excessively. With Uma, who is a very special and cherished youngster, the family is currently creating memories.

Cecile jokes that she has stopped being a surrogate and says, ‘That’s a bond I will have with me till the day I die.’ Getting back into my regular schedule has been a simple transition.

It’s strange how having a child can turn your world upside down, continues Matthew. You are capable of loving in a way you never imagined. It has greatly increased my love and appreciation for my family. Everyone has become closer because of it, and it has increased my love for my partner.

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