Elvis’s songs come to support Lisa Mary when having hard times — she has recorded a wonderful duet with father and showed exclusive photos from archive

When Elvis Presley passed away at the age of 42 in 1977, his only child, daughter Lisa Marie, was only nine years old.

The death of Elvis left a deep wound in the soul of Lisa Marie, who recently especially needed the support of her father.

She managed to find this support in his songs and recently Lisa Marie’s stunning duet with her late father was heard, which was highly appreciated by all fans of the ‘king of rock and roll’.

During a conversation on the British talk show Lorraine, Lisa Marie admitted that lately she has been increasingly remembering her father, who passed away more than forty years ago.

‘I can’t talk to him. But I can remember the time I spent with him,’ she said in an interview. “Like files, I can pull out any memory that is stored in my head.

And sometimes I ask him to help me, as it was during the recording of this song. I just felt his support, it was very tangible.’

The new duet, in which she sang the gospel ballad ‘Where No One Stands Alone» with Elvis, was a way for her to bond with her father at a time when she needed him most.

Duet Lisa Marie with the late father got a stunning result. The woman, of course, inherited a talent for singing from her father, and their voices are perfectly combined.

You can watch the beautiful music video below, which showcases photos and footage from the Presley family’s personal archive.

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