No one knows why the boy washes cars: when a neighbor understands what’s wrong, she immediately asks for help

Javari, his two brothers Terren and Nate, and sister Ayanna live with their mother Shanxi in Florida. Since the family has no money for new school supplies, Javari came up with a plan that would allow him to earn some money during the summer.

To raise the necessary funds for himself and his brothers, he planned to wash cars for $20. Javari began by walking around the neighborhood and asking the residents if they would like him to wash their car.

Having once called the house of Jessica Detrick and Jonathan Hultham, the boy could not even imagine what help he would receive from these people.

Jessica immediately agreed to Javari’s proposal, and when she asked how he would spend the money he earned, her heart sank with emotion and delight. She realized that she must certainly help Javari, his brothers and sister.

Here is what Jessica wrote on her Facebook page:
‘This morning a boy knocked on the door and offered to wash my car for $20. Without thinking twice, I agreed, because I can not refuse the child.

Jonathan Hultham and I asked him what he needed the money for, to which he replied: ‘To buy school supplies and clothes.’ His response touched our hearts, so we decided to help the boy.’

‘My Principal, John Prokel, found me a replacement for today and also donated $100 to help Javari with school supplies!!!! This is his first year of high school (we all know what an unsettling time that is). He is the second oldest of 4 children in the family and wants to be an engineer one day.’

‘When we asked him if there was anything he particularly wanted, he said a good pair of shoes and a professional calculator. We were able to buy him sneakers, flip flops, a pack of socks, 2 folders, 8 packs of paper, pencils, notebooks, a pencil case, a professional calculator and a briefcase. I’m so happy!’.

However, the couple did not stop there. They also wrote a special message on Facebook so that the Javari siblings can also afford to buy new clothes and school supplies before the school year starts.

They could not even count on what kind of response their publication with a call for help would receive. In just six days, 213 people donated a total of $4,410! Both the children and their mother were delighted with the generosity and kindness of caring people.

Here is what Javari’s mother wrote on Facebook:
‘Hi everyone, I thought it would be great to show you a photo of the kids you helped financially for the whole school year ahead. ‘

This is truly an invaluable contribution to my family. Javari, Terren, Nate and Ayanna thank you from the bottom of their hearts. As a mother, I say thank you to each and every one of you.»

What an incredible act of kindness that Jessica and Jonathan have done, as well as all those who donated money for the benefit of the Javari family.

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