This mother-daughter bond made a history by doing this…’Our dream come true’. For more details click below

After Captain Holly Petitt joined First Officer Keely Petitt in the cockpit, Southwest Airlines announced the first mother-daughter pilot team in aviation history.

Mother Holly Petitt began her aviation career as a flight attendant for another airline right out of college.

She came to the conclusion that she wanted to become a pilot after riding the jumpseat in the flight deck. She started working on her training and qualifications after that.

Holly attended aviation school while still caring for her three children. She was able to follow her passion of becoming a pilot thanks to the support of her mother and spouse.

Keely, Holly’s daughter, was raised by the Southwest Airline Family and subsequently joined it. At the age of 14, Keely decided she wanted to become a pilot like her mother.

By obtaining her pilot’s license and landing an internship with Southwest in the fall of 2017, Keely was given the opportunity to learn more about a future in aviation.

Southwest has always been my ultimate destination, Keely stated. “There really was never anyone other,’

She and her mother were the first mother-daughter pilot team for Southwest after putting in a lot of effort as the second generation.

It has been a dream come true, Holly added. ‘First I discovered this career and fell in love with it, and then one of my children got involved and fell in love with it as well. It’s bizarre.

In addition to defying stereotypes and inspiring women of all ages to follow their aspirations in aviation, Holly and Keely are not just making Southwest history.

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