When Scott Caan was a young boy, James Caan wasn’t the best parent. He wished that his son would be a better father than him.

James Caan received five children over his four marriages, according to Daily Mail. The illustrious star wed fellow performer Dee Jay Mathis in 1961 before landing his first major part in ‘El Dorado,’ which catapulted him to fame.

James was starting to gain notoriety when the pair separated after five years of marriage and the birth of their daughter Tara. The couple’s marriage ended in divorce in 1966.

The actor wed Sheila Ryan, the late Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, in 1976, marking his second marriage. Although James and the Playboy cover girl from 1973 had a brief relationship, they did have a son named Scott.

Actor from ‘The Godfather’ and Ryan divorced one year after their wedding. Ingrid Hajek, James’ third wife, and he shared a common upbringing in Sunnyside in Queens, New York, even though they were born and raised in different decades. They wed in 1990.

They had a son during their marriage and got divorced in 1994. The star’s final wife, Linda Stokes, whom he wed in 1995, proved to be the one who would cause him the most issues.

James Jr. and Jacob were the couple’s two sons throughout their 20-year marriage. Before James’ 2015 application became legally binding, he had already filed for divorce from Stokes in 2005 and again in 2009.

Because Stokes repeatedly petitioned the court for backdated child support, the actor was left with no money from that marriage. She demanded alimony payments from the famous celebrity as well.


In a May 2010 Los Angeles Times interview, James described his bond with his son Scott as “special.” He revealed that the youngster had grown up alongside him and that he had taken time off to raise Scott better.

The actor claimed that in order to improve personally, he took six years off from his burgeoning career. Before taking a sabbatical from performing, James went through some difficult personal circumstances and lost his sister, and Scott felt a connection to him.

When James took time off from work, he started coaching Little League. Because he had to persuade kids who didn’t think they were good to change their ideas in a matter of minutes, he believed coaching to be as creative as acting.

Baseball instruction for boys for six years was the ‘high point” of The ‘Gardens of Stone’s’ ‘worst point.’ The celebrity adored kids and delighted in using his teaching abilities to improve their lives.

James began coaching Little League after taking time off of work. He thought coaching was as creative as acting since he had to convince youngsters who didn’t think they were good to change their opinions in a matter of minutes.

The ‘high point’ of The ‘Gardens of Stone’s’ ‘worst point’ was teaching boys baseball for six years. The famous person loved children and loved using his teaching skills to make a difference in their lives.

Scott lost his mother in 2012 when she was 60 years old. Scott seems to have developed a close relationship with James after their tumultuous past, and he frequently attended the actor’s events throughout his career.

In a 2010 People interview, James acknowledged that he and his son had grown to be ‘best buds,’ and he expressed pride in Scott’s development. The actor’s son claimed to harbor ‘no anger’ toward him, adding: ‘He made mistakes that damaged him and me, but no matter what, he’s always been there for me.’

Scott Caan acknowledged that his father James had had unsuccessful marriages when the Los Angeles Times asked him what he had learned about love from his father. But he had discovered how to accept failure and keep trying.

James taught Scott a valuable lesson about making mistakes in the working world: people are different. Scott, who followed in his father’s acting career, learnt this lesson from James. Even if his father had previously objected, the younger Caan recognized their work as a type of art.

James was a professional, and Scott didn’t think he had ever made a mistake, but he was serious about his work. His father never prioritized his profession since he believed his family was more important, thus he didn’t model his approach to it after him.

James explained how he had raised Scott differently from how he had been raised in a 2003 interview with Esquire. The actor claimed that while Scott cried, his father never did, and his parents never expressed their love for him.

In response, the star assured his son that he loved him ‘every other minute.’ James noted his desire, saying: ‘I hope to make fewer mistakes than what my father made, and I hope that my sons will make less mistakes than me, and so on.’

And perhaps one day we’ll raise the ideal Caan.


Scott admitted to having a demanding 12-hour day of filming for ‘Hawaii Five-0’ in a 2010 interview with People. That meant that even though he felt “tortured in relationships,” he still wished to be married despite having little time left for love or creativity.

James Caan, the grandfather of Scott’s [Caan] felt his granddaughter, Josie James Caan, was ‘the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen,’ intelligent and lovely.

He had previously dated Kimberly Stewart, among other women. Even though there are billions of people in the world, James’ son claimed that he had trouble finding the proper person for himself.

Fortunately, Scott finally connected with Kacy Byxbee while filming his CBS show. The ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ actor and the actress made their first child together official in May 2014.

A source for Us Weekly claimed that Scott’s father, who was ‘very close’ to him, was ‘extremely pleased’ to hear the news of the pregnancy. The actress and Byxbee welcomed a daughter named Josie James on July 9, 2014.

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