When this middle-aged man with a non-dancer’s figure came out on stage, no one expected him to do such a thing

A middle-aged man named Sam West, who loves to dance, knows firsthand what it means to fight preconceptions.

Yes, he is a little older than his dance partner and may not look like a dancer, but when he steps onto the dance floor, the audience takes their breath away with delight.

It was last summer that Sam West and dance partner Autumn Jones entered the Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

To win in such a competition, you must have talent and skill. Dancers must have agility, strength and coordination, as well as dedicate many hours of practice.

Sam and Autumn set themselves the goal of showing all their skills and abilities in a difficult fight with other couples participating in the competition.

From the very first seconds of their performance, enthusiastic spectators could not tear their eyes away from a pair of eyes.

They turned, twirled and jumped in an impressive choreography. Watching the dance, it was almost impossible to look away from their legs, which seem to be rubber!

The effect of their energetic dance was strengthened by the composition of Jerry Lee Lewis chosen by the couple ‘Pink Cadillac’

The performance of Sam and Otam was so liked by the audience and the jury of the competition that he became its unconditional winner!

Since then, the video of their performance has gone viral with over half a million views. Without a doubt, it is very pleasant to look at. I’m so excited that I’m ready to watch it again and again!

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