Stevie Wonder celebrates Tony Bennett’s 96 years old with a very unique rendition of the song ‘Happy Birthday’

On August 3, 2022, Tony Bennett just celebrated his 96th birthday. The legendary musician received hundreds of well wishes from friends and admirers around the globe.

But even Mr. Bennett felt compelled to express one extraordinarily special request with everyone. Stevie Wonder, a legendary musician, made the wish.

The fact that Stevie’s wish was so personal and that the singer put so much time and attention into it suggests that the pair, who have collaborated on successful albums, still have a close friendship.

A very unique rendition of the song ‘Happy Birthday’ is featured in the video. Stevie plays the song’s tune on his piano with ease while belting out the lyrics in an outstanding voice.

The wish was undoubtedly very unique. It was so popular that Tony Bennett’s management team posted about it on his Twitter account!

Tony Bennett is still active and nominated for awards at the age of 96. He received a joint Emmy nomination alongside Grammy-winning singer and actress Lady Gaga for their special, ‘One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.’

Bennett and Gaga’s final joint performance was on the special. The pair has been performing together for the past few years after Tony’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2016.

At the conclusion of the special, Gaga remarked, ‘Tony, we’re all so glad to have watched your talent, your generosity, your inventiveness, and your kindness, your service throughout all these years.’

Over the years, they have actually had a very special working relationship that has led to a few Emmy nominations as well as widespread public affection.

At 96 years old, the singer appears to be fine with slowing down a bit.

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