After seeing the elderly woman walking down the street, the officer did something unexpected and amazing

Officer Lance Hoffmeister is seen at the beginning of this video driving about his neighborhood as he usually does.

Suddenly, he is seen getting out of his car and standing by the side of the road with an 84-year-old woman who is using a walker. He’s conversing with her.

She told me she was heading to her hair appointment to have a perm at the Paul Mitchell Studio, the officer said.

The woman then turns around and enters the vehicle with officer Hoffmeister as he unlocks the door and assists her. He reveals that she would have needed to travel a mile to get there.

She must sit in the rear, the officer says. I’ve never been handcuffed, the woman quips. ‘Everything for the first time.’

The cop claims that this woman had a profound effect on him since she made him think of his own recently deceased grandmother.

She responded with humor that she recalls everyone of their mother or grandmother when the police said that the woman reminded him of his grandma.

Officer Hoffmeister goes above and beyond by providing her with his phone information so she can call him whenever she needs a ride.

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