When Maxine Lloyd, 50, received a phone notification during her first round of radiography treatment, she though  it from her partner, but it was from the bank… After that the miracle happened..

A NHS employee won a £1 million lottery win just before finishing her breast cancer treatment and getting the all-clear.

The 50-year-old Maxine Lloyd claimed she mistook a phone notification she got during her initial radiography treatment for a message from her partner.

Rather, she received a message from her bank informing her that the funds had been transferred into her account.

While she waited with her fiancé, Wayne Tilbury, who had just passed out from a chest illness at 1.30am, the 50-year-old decided to ‘take a flutter’ on the National Lottery’s million Mega Cash Showdown Instant Win game.

In just two weeks, the 57-year-old builder Mr. Tilbury was sent to the emergency room with a chest infection, Ms. Lloyd rang the bell to signal the end of her cancer treatment, and the couple won £1 million.

She uttered: ‘I’m genuinely grateful. I’m still here, I’m still alive, and we actually just got a little cherry on top.’

The occupational therapist from Kettering, Northamptonshire, claimed she made the decision to announce her victory in order to encourage others in a similar situation to contact their doctor.

She claimed to the press that her first purchase was an iWatch, but the couple has already considered purchasing a home when the house they had been hoping to find went on the market the day they won the lottery.

She gave the following justifications for going public with the victory: ‘We first didn’t want to go public.’

But if one man or woman goes and simply examines their skin or breast, I’m really enthusiastic that if anything is odd, let the specialist tell you that — like they did to me.

On Christmas Eve of last year, Ms. Lloyd was informed that her primary cancer had been successfully removed; nonetheless, doctors advised having chemotherapy and radiotherapy to lower the likelihood of the cancer returning.

She uttered: ‘After completing my chemotherapy, I began the two weeks of radiotherapy a few weeks later. I was actually receiving my treatment on a table, with my bag in the room’s corner.

«Since Wayne isn’t permitted inside with me, I assumed the ping on my phone was just Wayne checking on me. ‘I noticed the bank message when I got up and left the room, which informed me that I had $1,000,000 in my account.

‘Everything has simply been strange with the timing,’ the speaker said. Ms. Lloyd stated that she wants to ‘give something back’ for the care she had now that she has received the all-clear from cancer.

Along with support from her family and friends, Ms. Lloyd said her two-year-old German Shepherd, Rosco, has served as a therapy dog for her and ‘dragged’ her on walks. ‘Rosco has been by my side; he senses it,’ she said.

He has simply been there, like a therapy dog. Mr. Tilbury responded, ‘We did consider about another Rosco,’ when asked if he would receive treatment now that they had won the money.

‘I said, can he have a girlfriend now,’ Ms. Lloyd continued.

She recalled the exact moment she hit the jackpot as follows: ‘Wayne wasn’t doing well, but I was still keeping an eye on him, and while I was doing that, I was a little bored about one in the morning.

I so decided to have a flutter. I logged into the Instant Win games, played a game, and then continued.

‘It was a three-part game with two mystery numbers, and on the second part, two numbers appeared and the number million was revealed. I just sort of on playing since I didn’t exactly get it.’

«I didn’t process it. After finishing the game, it stated, ‘Congratulations, phone this number,’ but I reasoned that it was too early to call at that hour. ‘I went to Wayne and told him we had won a million dollars.’

‘Well, you can’t do anything about it now so go back to sleep,’ he said as he genuinely stirred. As a result, I had to wait all night for him to awaken.

When asked how they reacted after learning they had won, Ms. Lloyd replied, ‘I suppose I just went and made Wayne a cup of tea. To be honest, I don’t think we processed it.

Actually, I don’t know if we have at this point, Mr. Tilbury said. It’s strange, but it’s also extremely exciting, Ms. Lloyd continued.

‘Before all of this, we looked at a lot of properties. We found one that we really liked as a looker, and weirdly, it went on the market the day we won.’

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