Meet Anezka Kashparkova, a 90-year-old woman who has had a non-stop passion for street art all her life… What she did in her 90th birthday will amaze you

In her 90th birthday draws near, Anezka painted her own home with whimsical flowers and ornaments, proving to everyone that her passion is still alive and she holds a brush with confidence.

Anezka is a prime example that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. According to the pop culture website Konbini, Anežka spent most of her life working in agricultural fields, thus earning money for her family.

She was born in the south of the Czech Republic and retired about 30 years ago. It was then that she realized that, finally, the time had come when she could devote herself to what her soul lay all these years: painting.

She began taking lessons and learned a few tricks from the old painter. Eventually, she took up brushes and began to share her mastery of wall painting. One of Anežka’s most famous works is located in the small village of Louka, where only 70 people live.

She painted the village houses with her signature style, using beautiful bright blue paint. ‘I do what I can, trying to decorate this world a little,’ she said in an interview with the Czech newspaper The Post Internazionale.

According to the Czech portal ‘Czech Aha Online’, in the summer of 2015 Anezka painted a small chapel, spending 10 days on its transformation.

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